Wrapping Personalized Custom Canvas Art in Unique Ways

Canvas art has become one of the newest crazes going on right now in the crafting circle. You can buy your own customizable canvas art that is already decorated or you can make your own canvas art.

Personalized canvas art will become a gift that the receiver will cherish for a very long time. Some of the custom canvas art pieces are very big, and when giving as a gift you will need to find creative ways to wrap the present.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper:

  • Get a flat sheet of large paper and decorate it to match the personality of your special loved one getting the gift
  • Use their favorite colors and shapes with stamps and ink pads
  • Glue gems, glitters or beautiful ribbon to make a unique wrapping paper
  • Have your little one color on the paper and draw to create a VERY special wrapping paper
  • Use an old map from a trip you took with your loved one and wrap the canvas in that

There are so many ways to wrap a custom canvas art, get creative and make your personalized canvas art that much more special!

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