Tips & Tips For Night Time Photgraphy

Pictures taken at night have the opportunity to be unique, gorgeous works of art. Night time photos work well when they are turned into custom canvas art and used when decorating your office or home. As a photographer, it is important to adjust your picture taking skills when shooting at dusk or in the dark. Here are some tips and tricks for taking amazing night time photographs.

Invest in the Proper Camera
When shooting at night, it is necessary to be working with a camera that functions well in low light situations. A camera with a low ISO setting will be able to hold the exposure for longer, resulting in quality photos. It’s ideal to have a camera that offers a long exposure noise reduction feature as well.

Use a Tripod
Shooting at night is very different than shooting during the day. You will be photographing your subject using a long exposure, and the slightest shake of your hand will ruin the shot. A tripod gives the night time photographer a better chance at getting the perfect shot.

Dim the LCD Screen
A camera’s LCD screen is meant to be used in bright light. When shooting at night, adjust the brightness to the lowest setting available. If the screen is left at a very high brightness level, photos will not appear accurately when in review mode.

Avoid Using Flash
Turning on the flash may seem like an easy solution when taking night time photos, but the effects are rarely desirable. The harsh, artificial light often portrays images inaccurately. It’s best to avoid the flash and work with what light is available from your surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration when it comes to decorating your office, or adding unique and custom artwork to your home, Artzee Designs can make your dreams come true. Custom canvas art is incredibly popular these days, and making your favorite night time photo into such a work of art can be incredibly rewarding.

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