Tips and Tricks: Taking Photographs of Antsy Children

Keeping children still to be able to take a quality picture can often be a challenge. Many children are simply to wound up sitting still and wanting to be everywhere, except sitting still in front of the camera. Here are a few fun ways you can get your child to sit still for the next photograph.

Children love watching television whenever they can. Try to position the television in front of you so you can take a picture of they looking towards the set. Try to draw away their attention occasionally and you may get a few exception shots in addition to the ones of them looking directly ahead of them. You may get a few great shots while they are focused on their show.

Take your child’s favorite toy and place it on your head, shoulders, or in your armpit, and ask the child where it is. Every time they spot it, move it to another location. By the third time they will begin laughing, get a few quick shots in before they wander away to grab the toy. Take turns with the child hiding the toy, and you have a better chance of getting some great still pictures.

Tell the child if they do sit still for a minute you will let them take a picture of their favorite toy. Getting the child involved in the photo shoot often opens them up more to being in the pictures. Promise them if they sit and pose nice they can take pictures of all their toys too.

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