The Perfect Place to Hang Custom Canvas Art Around Your Home

Have a magnificent custom piece of art you’ve just purchased, but you’re unsure about where to hang it for maximum appeal? There are several key places in your home to hang your personalized wall art where it is sure to be noticed.

  • Living Room or Family Room: The living room is the place where you “awe” your guest with your elegance and style. It’s also where the fireplace is, so, it’s a great place to hang your custom canvas art. When hanging your wall art in the living room, choose a focal point in the direction the sofa is facing. Above the fireplace also makes a great statement.
  • Dining Room or Kitchen: Since, everyone tends to gravitate towards the kitchen and dining area, this would be a great place to hang a striking conversational piece. When hanging art in the kitchen, be sure to place it as far away from the stove as possible, so it isn’t damaged by grease and/or steam. Otherwise, select a location in the direction the chairs are facing.
  • Foyer or Stairwell: What a cozy way to welcome your family and guests, then with customized canvas art on your stairwell, foyer, or staircase landing. Here, your family and guests will get a good view of the art whenever they enter, hang their coats, and even when they exit.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a great place to hang personalized art. Hang the art directly across from the bed, for and extended view while in bed, or hang it above the bed to be welcomed by it each time you walk into your room.
  • Home Office: This is another great place to hang custom wall art. Hang the art on the wall across from your desk, so you are empowered and inspired by it, or hang it behind the desk, so it welcomes you as you walk through the door before doing some work.

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