How To Find Your Inspiration To Make Your Own Custom Art

Let us examine the different sources and ideas that will form the springboard for creating your custom canvas art here at Artzee Designs. Any of these sources can have lettering added, colors changed, be morphed, or combined to make your personalized canvas art.

The first and most obvious source to customizable canvas is photos. These can be photos of relatives, friends, pets, trees, flowers, or landscapes. One interesting type of family custom canvas can show a current and previous version of the same family by combining two photos. You could also order a two or three canvas set and show different branches of the family on each canvas. Photos can also be cropped and/or enlarged; have letters, wording (names, dates, sayings), or designs printed on top; and/or have the colors changed to add to the mood or harmonize with the room. Pet portraits on canvas with or without wording often add that special “something” to a room. If you are an avid gardener, a photo of vegetables or flowers would make a wonderful focal point above the kitchen table.

Another interesting idea is personalized canvas art made from a fabric swatch, a color, or a decorating theme. These can be contrasting or harmonizing of course, depending on your decor. Using a swatch from a two-color sofa, enlarging it, and inverting the colors is one idea for your new canvas art. Sofas, curtains, quilts, wallpaper; any swatch can be turned into your own beautiful customizable canvas art design

Do not overlook old or new maps or other printed material that may be used to make your canvas. A map of where you met your spouse with an appropriate saying (such as, “love at first sight”) printed on top is a lovely way to personalize your living space. An old handwritten recipe with a saying such as “Mama’s Cooking” or “Grandma’s Cookies” is an interesting idea for custom art for the kitchen.

One more idea is to use one of our templates and choose the colors and shapes you prefer on your custom canvas; this design idea is particularly effective in a modern, minimalist decorating theme. We can also use a photo (say a tree, butterfly, or flower) make it look like a poster, crop and/or enlarge the new artwork. Depending on the number of colors used and the intricacy of the subject, this canvas would be well suited in many decorating schemes.

Artzee Designs can make any of these personalized canvas art pieces a reality. Your custom canvas art is always our priority; please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.

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