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Wrapping Personalized Custom Canvas Art in Unique Ways

Canvas art has become one of the newest crazes going on right now in the crafting circle. You can buy your own canvas art that is already decorated or you can make your own canvas art.

Personalized canvas art will become a gift that the receiver will cherish for a very long time. Some of the canvas art pieces are very big, and when giving as a gift you will need to find creative ways to wrap the present.

Make Your Own Wrapping Paper:

  • Get a flat sheet of large paper and decorate it to match the personality of your special loved one getting the gift
  • Use their favorite colors and shapes with stamps and ink pads
  • Glue gems, glitters or beautiful ribbon to make a unique wrapping paper
  • Have your little one color on the paper and draw to create a VERY special wrapping paper
  • Use an old map from a trip you took with your loved one and wrap the canvas in that

There are so many ways to wrap a custom canvas art, get creative and make your personalized canvas art that much more special!


Custom Art Projects & Fun Things To Do With Children Photos

Photos have a power to capture moments to create memories. It is important to cherish them, and even bring a bit of life to them. As children, we build many memories and most would be considered significant and by taking photographs they can all be brought to life. Artzee Designs consists of gifted graphic design artist that can help parents give more to memories than just a photo. Parents can customize what they are looking for to receive personalized canvas art that can light up any room in the house. It does not matter what color a room is, or what theme is taking place, a unique piece of canvas art is waiting to be composed to fit it.

There are many different ideas to go with. Scrap booking is a great way to build memories, and photos would be fun customized to go with the theme or setting the photo takes place. Splitting a photo up on to more than one canvas is creative and tasteful to have hung in a room in the house or even having a collage constructed. Themed photos are fun for children, especially if it is themed something they like such as a favorite super hero or fairy tale. You can customize your canvas art, so have fun with it and make it meaningful. There are so many beautiful colors to choose from and so many that go so well together, you just have to find what you like.

Artzee Designs is the go-to online resource for custom canvas art. You can choose from custom canvas art and you can also make your own canvas art. The art presented is perfected in each detail and you will have viewable art within two days. If you provide the color of your living room, a designer is sure to math it with the photo, clearly this goes for any room. How ever parents want to design their childrens’ picture is how they will have it designed and it will be something special for kids to take with them through out their future years. The designers of Artzee Designs are aware of the need of the flow of colors. They are all in touch with what makes a piece beautiful and how to trigger inspiration.

The Perfect Place to Hang Custom Canvas Art Around Your Home

Have a magnificent custom piece of art you’ve just purchased, but you’re unsure about where to hang it for maximum appeal? There are several key places in your home to hang your personalized wall art where it is sure to be noticed.

  • Living Room or Family Room: The living room is the place where you “awe” your guest with your elegance and style. It’s also where the fireplace is, so, it’s a great place to hang your custom canvas art. When hanging your wall art in the living room, choose a focal point in the direction the sofa is facing. Above the fireplace also makes a great statement.
  • Dining Room or Kitchen: Since, everyone tends to gravitate towards the kitchen and dining area, this would be a great place to hang a striking conversational piece. When hanging art in the kitchen, be sure to place it as far away from the stove as possible, so it isn’t damaged by grease and/or steam. Otherwise, select a location in the direction the chairs are facing.
  • Foyer or Stairwell: What a cozy way to welcome your family and guests, then with customized canvas art on your stairwell, foyer, or staircase landing. Here, your family and guests will get a good view of the art whenever they enter, hang their coats, and even when they exit.
  • Bedroom: The bedroom is a great place to hang personalized art. Hang the art directly across from the bed, for and extended view while in bed, or hang it above the bed to be welcomed by it each time you walk into your room.
  • Home Office: This is another great place to hang custom wall art. Hang the art on the wall across from your desk, so you are empowered and inspired by it, or hang it behind the desk, so it welcomes you as you walk through the door before doing some work.

Picking The Best Colors For Your Home

A house thаt іѕ painted wіth colors thаt relate оr complement еасh оthеr thrоughоut wіll give уоu а balanced lооk аnd feel. All artwork іn уоur house should, іn thе perfect world, bе uѕеd іn аnу room оf уоur house. Whеn уоur paint colors relate tо еасh оthеr іt іѕ роѕѕіblе tо mix аnd match accessories thrоughоut thе house.

Colors Should Flow Together:

  • Whеn I talk аbоut colors relating tо еасh оthеr I simply mеаn thаt еасh color іѕ complementary room tо room. Thе орроѕіtе wоuld bе іf уоu hаvе а green room аnd nеxt tо thаt а red room аnd іn thе nеxt area а purple room. Thіѕ kind оf color selection tеndѕ tо break uр thе feel оf thе house аnd mаkе thе rooms аnd thе house еvеn ѕееm smaller аnd disjointed.
  • If уоur colors relate оr work tоgеthеr уоur eye easily gоеѕ frоm room tо room аnd thеу аrе cohesive аnd complement еасh other. Whеn thіѕ hарреnѕ аll оf уоur artwork аnd accessories саn bе uѕеd іn аnу room іn уоur home. If for painting your own rooms, you could also create your own canvas art to keep your creative juices flowing.

Using Different Shades Of Similar Colors:

  • Nоw thіѕ dоеѕ nоt mеаn thаt еvеrу room іѕ painted а shade оf beige, nоt аt all. In mу home I hаvе 14 dіffеrеnt colors оr dіffеrеnt shades оf colors. Mу color palette іn mу home іѕ deep olive greens, rust, warm taupe color аnd shades оf thеѕе colors. I uѕе аѕ mу accent colors purple, gold, teal аnd brown.
  • Whеn уоu paint thе fіrѕt room mаkе ѕurе уоu аrе inspired bу thе color, bеіng inspired means іt feels good whеn уоu ѕее it. It mаkеѕ уоu feel happy, contented, peaceful оr еvеn joyful; іt іѕ mоrе thаn јuѕt а color. Whеn color moves you, thаt іѕ аn inspired color.

Finding An Inspiration Color: 

  • If уоu hаvе nоt fоund уоur inspiration color thеrе іѕ а wonderful selection оf paint colors fоund аt thе paint аnd hardware stores. Thе оnе I love thе mоѕt іѕ produced bу thе Olympic аnd thе National Audubon Society thеу аrе аll inspired bу nature аnd thеу аrе amazing. Thе colors cover thе entire spectrum оf possibilities іn paint color.
  • Thеу provide beautiful brochures wіth amazing pictures оf nature аnd thеn а wonderful balance оf colors inspired bу thе pictures. Fоr mе thе brochures thеmѕеlvеѕ аrе а work оf art аnd аn easy аnd fun wау tо choose paint colors for your home.

Remember whеn уоu аrе choosing color аlwауѕ mаkе а sample board аnd put thе inspiration color оn thе wall аnd live wіth іt а couple days. Paint color сhаngеѕ wіth thе light оf day. Don’t bе afraid tо put а couple choices…I аlwауѕ love tо hаvе а choice.

Need Inspiration to Make Your Own Custom Art - Pinterest Might Be Your Answer

If you are out of decorating ideas for your living room or bedroom, consult Pinterest for inspiration. A quick search will show that all you need is a canvas and some fabric or paint to add a unique flair to your walls. Even if you can barely draw stick figures, you needn’t despair. With the help of Pinterest, you’ll find that you don’t have to be an artist to create custom art. From stencil work to color swatching to fabric displays, Pintrest stores pages and pages of easy and fun DIY ideas and tutorials. You’ll have fun and be inspired to make your own canvas art.

Because each Pinterest page is managed by individual crafters and craft-admirers, there are hundreds and thousands of ideas to browse through. Simply search “canvas art,” “custom art,” or “art” paired with a specific interest (like “cat art,” or “dinosaur art”). You will have no trouble finding inspiring photos and tutorials that fit your personal style.

Be sure to keep following Artzee Design’s Pinterest Page Here.

How To Find Your Inspiration To Make Your Own Custom Art

Let us examine the different sources and ideas that will form the springboard for creating your custom canvas art here at Artzee Designs. Any of these sources can have lettering added, colors changed, be morphed, or combined to make your personalized canvas art.

The first and most obvious source to make your own canvas art is photos. These can be photos of relatives, friends, pets, trees, flowers, or landscapes. One interesting type of family custom canvas can show a current and previous version of the same family by combining two photos. You could also order a two or three canvas set and show different branches of the family on each canvas. Photos can also be cropped and/or enlarged; have letters, wording (names, dates, sayings), or designs printed on top; and/or have the colors changed to add to the mood or harmonize with the room. Pet portraits on canvas with or without wording often add that special “something” to a room. If you are an avid gardener, a photo of vegetables or flowers would make a wonderful focal point above the kitchen table.

Another interesting idea is personalized canvas art made from a fabric swatch, a color, or a decorating theme. These can be contrasting or harmonizing of course, depending on your décor. Using a swatch from a two-color sofa, enlarging it, and inverting the colors is one idea for your new canvas art. Sofas, curtains, quilts, wallpaper; any swatch can be turned into your own beautiful customized canvas design

Do not overlook old or new maps or other printed material that may be used to make your canvas. A map of where you met your spouse with an appropriate saying (such as, “love at first sight”) printed on top is a lovely way to personalize your living space. An old handwritten recipe with a saying such as “Mama’s Cooking” or “Grandma’s Cookies” is an interesting idea for custom art for the kitchen.

One more idea is to use one of our templates and choose the colors and shapes you prefer on your custom canvas; this design idea is particularly effective in a modern, minimalist decorating theme. We can also use a photo (say a tree, butterfly, or flower) make it look like a poster, crop and/or enlarge the new artwork. Depending on the number of colors used and the intricacy of the subject, this canvas would be well suited in many decorating schemes.

Artzee Designs can make any of these personalized canvas art pieces a reality. Your custom canvas art is always our priority; please feel free to contact us with any questions or ideas.

Infographic: Create Your Own Custom Art

Check out this infographic that shows you two different methods on how to create your own custom art for your home or office. It’s sometimes hard to create your own personalized canvas art, but it shouldn’t have to be with Artzee Designs. We can take care of all of the hassle including designing the perfect image, printing it on canvas and having it shipped to you right away. Artzee Designs can create your custom wall art today!

Create Your Own Personalized Canvas

Have you been thinking about getting art for your home? A tradition that goes back to even caveman times, there is something about having wall art that resonates with the human spirit itself. Browsing through hundreds of paintings to choose from can be frustrating. Sometimes you know exactly what you’d like to have, but nothing seems to be quite like you’d envisioned. That’s where Artzee Designs comes in to save the day.

Instead of having to look for a painting that might be a good fit, we can help you create exactly what you want. Having custom-made art can instantly transform the most ordinary house into a home by imbuing the space with a sense of history, aesthetics and just plain old good taste. After all, you’ve helped design it. Adding art to a room makes decorating easy; adding custom art makes decorating an art in and of itself.

In rooms with furniture that proves hard to decorate around, custom art is the perfect way to add pizzazz without taking up any extra space. It also makes color-matching easy, so that your living space feels pulled together. The right piece of art can unify the most chaotic of spaces and integrate even the most mismatched furniture into a cohesive, well-defined space. If you can dream it for your space, our artists can make it a reality.

Custom art can also make the perfect personalized gift for someone who loves interior design or art in general. With so many possible variations in color, design and style, there is a perfect painting for every space. Whatever you envision, we can help make it a reality. Artzee Designs makes finding the right Custom Canvas Art easy. You don’t need a degree in fine arts to understand how huge a difference art can make: All you need is a little imagination and we can create the exact piece you’re looking for.

Artzee Designs wants to help you make your home environment more appealing, more colorful, more stylish and more you. Let us help bring your vision to life.