Creative Holiday Photo Ideas

Holidays have always been a time for great food, family and friends, presents, and of course, pictures! Who can forget their (often times, too memorable) family portraits? Nowadays, thanks to holiday greeting cards, social media accounts, and Pinterest, we are all looking for ways to spice up those family photos. 

We all seem to get the basic concepts, right? Matching outfits, seasonal colors, happy smiles and laughter, but what can we do to set our pictures apart from all the other family photos storming the web? Here are some very merry photo ideas for your family and friends this holiday season.
Merry and Bright
Your kids. Your dog. That goofy friend everyone loves. What do these things add up to? Personality! There is no greater photo than one showing genuine, candid laughter and happiness. This year, plan an event. No, I don’t mean the social party of the season, but something small. Plan to have your kids or friends help bake cookies, decorate the tree, hang lights, or enjoy a holidaylicious dinner (all while wearing semi-matching, holiday-esque attire, of course).
Now, for the important part- the photographer. In order to make this work, you’ll need someone there, capturing every perfect moment. Pick a close friend (or friend of a friend), or hire a photographer. You may need to make a collage this Christmas to capture all the incredible shots you’ll have this year!
I’ll Be Home for Christmas
Are you and your family traveling home this Christmas/Hanukkah/New Years/Kwanzaa season? Here’s a fun and easy idea for you! Find a geographically noticeable landmark in your city (the beach, city hall, famous architecture or street). Dress yourselves in your favorite holiday gear (the tackier, the better!), and make homemade, glittery and bright hitchhiker signs with a message to your family and friends back home. ” Need and Ride- Texas to Virginia” (for example).
Have a friend take your picture cheerfully standing on the side of the road (a safe location, please!) and you’ll be sure to make your loved ones smile.
All the Single Ladies…and Gents
Are you single and struggling to match up to those happy go-lucky family photos this holiday season? No worries. Your photo can be just as awesome, if not better. Here is a list of fun ideas, just for you!
Like to travel? Send a photo collage filled with pictures of your travels throughout the year. This will be sure to take any pity your brother of five kids may feel for you, and turn it into pure envy.
Dog owner? Have a friend take your picture in the snow or out hiking with your loving pet (who may, or may not also be wearing a Christmas sweater).Introvert and everybody knows it? Who cares. Be yourself. Send a warm, loving holiday greeting while sitting by a fire or Christmas tree. Your friends will wish they had a little peace and quiet when they see your cozy photo.
All could look great on custom canvas art!

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