Turn your Children's Art into a Timeless Canvas

Turn your Children's Art into a Timeless Canvas

It’s such a proud moment as a parent when your child presents you with a drawing or artwork that they have put time, love and passion into designing and creating. But it’s a sad fact that the majority of our children's’ artwork simply gets stuck to the fridge or in a pile somewhere with all the other pictures. Or worse still, it gets put to one side, where it’s inevitable that it gets forgotten about before eventually accidentally ending up in the trash can. A moment in time, a brilliant flash of their beautiful imagination gone forever. But we’ve got the solution! Turn your child’s drawings into timeless pieces of custom canvas art that you can display on the walls of your living room, bedroom or office.

Here’s How it Works

Take that wonderful drawing or piece of artwork and take a photo on a camera or your cellphone, or even scan it to your computer. Once you’ve done that, upload it to our site in the Kids Canvas Art section, choose how many copies you want, what size you want them to be, and we will do the rest. Feel free to have your input, for example if you have envisaged it in a particular colour palette, or there’s a style that you think would suit it perfectly. Simply write it in the notes and we’ll incorporate this into the finished product. Take a look at our site for examples of just what we can do.

Kids Custom Canvas Art Makes Great Gifts

Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, Godparents or even close family friends will love receiving the gift of your child’s picture as a work of real custom canvas art. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion such as birthdays, weddings, holidays or anniversaries. You can even get your child to make a piece specifically for the occasion if you want, the only limit is their imagination.

Your Kids Will Love it

Children love nothing more than to feel like real artists and have their creative side indulged. Just picture their faces when you show them how their drawing has been transformed into a permanent piece of custom canvas art. They will love seeing it on the wall as they walk past every day, or knowing that it’s hanging in your office to remind you of them whenever you look at it.

Custom Canvas Art Not Just for “Little” Kids…

Why not get the whole family involved in creating their very own piece of custom canvas art? Maybe you’d enjoy each doing a drawing of yourself and hanging them next to each other to make an original family portrait? Or perhaps you still have a drawing that you did as a child that you’d love to see made into a custom wall canvas? We guarantee you’ll be as pleased with the results as your little loved one.

This is a truly fun way to turn your children’s drawings into extra special pieces of custom canvas art and immortalize their pictures as permanent pieces forever. 

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