Top Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

Top Tips For Decorating Small Spaces

Small spaces can be a daunting prospect when it comes to designing and decorating them. Many people get scared of overdoing it, worried they’ll make the space look cramped and clogged up, and ultimately even smaller than it actually is. The trick is to maximize the space that you do have and use it to its full potential, and there are lots of great ways to achieve this. Regardless of the square footage, it’s totally possible to make absolutely any space look great, so check out these top tips for decorating small spaces.


Though this obviously doesn’t apply if you’re starting from scratch, this is a really important step if you’re redecorating an existing small space in your home. Clutter will kill the space in any room, but in a tiny area it can just become overwhelming. Get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there both furniture and general day to day belongings and give yourself a blank canvas to begin with. Once it’s decluttered you’ll immediately feel a difference in size, and this should inspire you to keep it clutter free moving forward.

Hang Big Mirrors

Mirrors are the secret sauce when it comes to making a small room look bigger than it actually is. It’s like a magic trick because the reflection creates the illusion of depth, meaning you actually see the room about twice as large as it really is. In order to multiply this effect to the max, it’s important to use big mirrors. If you can place them opposite your main light source, most probably a window, then it will also help to bounce the light around the room making it brighter and more appealing.

Let the Light In

In order to be able to create a light filled room you should let as much natural light in as possible. This means getting rid of any heavy drapes, blinds or curtains, and making sure that your window dressings don’t obstruct any of the windows or doors in the room. You should steer clear of placing items of furniture in front of them as well, particularly anything large or cumbersome.

Include See Through or Lightweight Furniture

Modern materials like acrylic can make for great looking furniture, but they’re particularly effective in a small space as they allow you to see through them. The same goes for lightweight furniture that takes up less of the available area in your room allowing you to actually see the space.

Get Some Oversized Artwork

Artwork is essential for the decoration of any room, but somewhat counterintuitively, in a smaller space, bigger artwork is best. It can work to pull together all of the elements of your room and draw the attention to the focal point that it creates. It also tricks the brain into thinking that the room is bigger than it is to be able to accommodate the size of the artwork. Check out our full range here at Artzee Designs to find your perfect canvas for your small space.


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Top Tips For Decorating Small Spaces