​Top 5 Spring Home Décor Tips

​Top 5 Spring Home Décor Tips

Today I wanted to share my top 5 Spring home décor tips! With the cold weather still lingering, we cannot wait for the sun to shine and the colorful flowers to come out in full force. As you all look to spruce up your home décor with spring colors, we wanted to give you our take on what you can do to ensure your spring home décor looks amazing for your friends and family when they come and visit.

The Color Mint

Bringing a pop of subtle color such as mint this spring can bring a fresh vibe to your room as well as a sleek and fresh palate to brighten your room for Spring. If mint is not your color, you can think about using other colors such as lilac or coral .

Blooming Artwork

Brighten your walls easily with art. It’s an easy way to bring color without the work of painting or spending too much money. With the theme of flowers in Spring, why not buy wall art that shows flower off on flower canvas art. Flower home décor with canvas art could be so easy!

Washed Wooden Floors

Washed wooden floors bring in a cozy cottage feel while the crisp white walls and detailed ceiling borders feel perfectly polished. While this project could be something that takes a lot of time and effort, it could be such a unique way to brighten up your home and bring a new vibe to it.


So instead of revamping your interiors, focus on your landscape design. The bougainvillea peeking through the window is channeling spring. Bougainvilleas are flowering machines. You can't beat them for an explosion of color.

Vacation Vibes

If flower canvas art isn’t your thing, then bring in other patterns such as banana leaves on a pillow or green leaves on canvas art to bring more color to your space. Pairing colorful canvas art and pillows with a black and white fabric on a chair or couch can bring a unique vibe.

Leave your comments below on how you are decorating your home! We would love to incorporate your ideas into our blog and bring more ideas to everyone as Spring approaches. Spring home décor can go in so many directions and we’re excited to see how everyone will brighten up their space!


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