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​Top 15 DIY Wall Projects


Make a Display with Shoe Boxes

Paint the inside and outside of the boxes to match your home décor color scheme and hang on your wall. Be sure to only put objects that are lightweight and won’t weight heavily on the shoebox.  Click here for more.

Add Lights to Your Custom Canvas Art Pieces

By working with a custom canvas art company like Artzee Designs, you can take your final canvas art and add holes to weave in a strong of lights to create a unique constellation affect on your wall art.  Click here for more.

Hang Plates on the Wall To Create a Cozy Effect

By using your favorite plates from your grandmother, you can take that classic dinnerware and turn it into a vintage piece of art that’s sure to stand out on your walls.  Click here for more.

Use a Broom for Wall Texture

Take your walls to a whole new level by creating a unique wall texture that goes beyond the standard smooth coat of paint. Take a broom and slide it down a wet wall to create a texture line effect for an accent wall.  Click here for more.

Use Photos to Create a Unique Shape On Your Wall

Take your memories and turn them into a collage that stands out and creates a shape that means something to you. Whether it’s initials for your name or a heart, it’ll be sure to be a talking piece in your home.  Click here for more.

Turn Your Nursery Room Wall Into A Mini Library

Such a simple project! You will need about five long boards and another five 6 shorter boards, or however long you want them for this project. Once installed you can add of our your children’s favorite books and it can be story time any time!  Click here for more.

Melted Crayon Canvases

Grab a bunch of colorful crayons (or ones that fit your color scheme) and go crazy! Melt crayons on the canvas and grab a blow dryer to make a cool effect to the edges. Such a great idea for a kids room!  Click here for more.

Use Your Pictures and Make A Unique Wall Clock

Grab photos from timeless moments in your life such as the birth of a child, graduation, birthday parties and vacations to make a wall clock. Make it even unique and have the time of day in the pictures match the time of day on the clock.  Click here for more.

Hang a Divided Canvas Wall Art

Find an old photo, or have someone like Artzee Designs make the photo look old and distressed. By blowing up the photo and creating a bunch of small pieces, you’ll be sure to have custom canvas art that will stand out and be unique.  Click here for more.

Turn Your Wall Into A Rock Climbing Wall

Turn your wall into a fun activity! By creating a rock wall, you can not only have something incredibly different on your wall, but also have a fun activity when you’re looking to get some energy.  Click here for more.

Use Old Maps For Your Wall

Take those old maps from your attic and create a fun wall décor piece. Your wall is not only a fun thing to look at, but now a journey of places you have or wish you’d go too.  Click here for more.

Simple Lighting Can Make A Wall Exquisite

Using simple lighting on the wall can make a space that much softer. In the above example, it shows soft lighting on two simple wall chandeliers. Pairing those with a light wall, can add some class to your room.  Click here for more.

Using Old Kitchen Utensils For Wall Art

Ever wanted a modern, simple DIY project? Take old kitchen utensils and arrange them in a fun way, utilizing colors to fit your room and you have yourself the perfect DIY art piece.  Click here for more.

Use Old Frames to Arrange Wall Décor

Find old frames, take them apart and arrange to do some really cool! Arrange them in a cool design can bring those frames to life and save a ton of money.  Click here for more.

Hang An Old Bicycle

Have a vintage bicycle in the garage? Use it as art! Hanging up this old mode of transportation is truly unique, different and someone people will stop and look at.  Click here for more.

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