The Importance of Choosing the Right Canvas Stretcher Bars

There is a lot of importance when it comes to choosing the right canvas wooden stretcher bars for your home or office DIY wall art. We wanted to walk you through some tips that might help you if you are looking attempt to frame your own canvas art and stretcher bars for canvas can be tricky. The right wooden stretcher bars profile as well as bracing are really important because you want to ensure it's easy to build as well ensure the DIY canvas art is built to last a long time. Here are are tips! 

The Choice of the Profile: This is very important and depends on the size of the actual frame you want to make. If you are stretching canvas then we want to consider whether it's a finished painting, pre-primed canvas or just a raw canvas that has not been touched yet. This is important, because it dictates the size you need. If it's a finished painting, then you have minimal choices and will have to buy specific stretcher bars for canvas. If you want to make something scratch and then mount it, then you can make your own choice on the size and go from there. Who does not love flexibility when it comes to your picture and its mount. 

The Importance of Bracing: Bracing is supposed to support the longer bars on the canvas art and keep the overall piece from bending from the center. It also helps to ensure the stretcher bars for canvas do not rotate inwards towards the canvas, which would cause the wooden stretcher bars to not sit straight against the wall. If you use the right bracing then you can use the lightest possible bars and have a strong DIY canvas art. 

Stretcher Bar Sizes: No matter what size you want to frame and mount for your DIY canvas art, you need a strong piece of canvas art so you need the right wooden stretcher bars sizes. Here's a cheat sheet chart for your reference that can help you get the right stretcher bars for canvas: 

If you are not comfortable with doing a DIY canvas art stretch, you can lean on other companies to help do it for you. Other companies like Artzee can create the right size and firmness with ease so you can just mount your own piece of art and know that the stretcher bars for the canvas has durable and strong wooden stretcher bars. At a fraction of the cost, companies can help you minimize the stress of taking on this project where you should just be able to mount this without stress. If you want to make your own, it can be a fun project, but probably not a frame project you will do a lot so look at this like a novelty. There are so many factories today doing this at scale. 

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to Google it or reach out to Were always happy to help you find the right solution for your home decor and wall art needs. If you want to do it yourself we can help guide, but more importantly, we can also hep you print personalized canvas art at a fraction of the cost.