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Moving into a small apartment or studio? Let’s arrange your small space right!


Decorating & Arranging Small Apartment/Studio Spaces

Living in a small apartment doesn’t have to limit your decorating options. In fact, there are several ways to design and arrange small rooms to maximize space while creating a beautiful living area. The following are decorating tips to make the most of each room in your small apartment or home.

Arranging Living Rooms

There are lots of ways to create stylish living areas while still making the most of a small space. The first rule to remember when making a smaller room look larger is to use light. Bright, well-lit places almost always look larger than darker areas. This means the sizes of the windows in an area will have a major impact on the look and feel of the room. Letting natural light in whenever possible is the best option. The choice of curtains is also important. You can hang curtains from ceiling to floor, even if the window isn’t that big. It can give the illusion of the window actually being larger. Using light also means using lighter colors. Carpet, furniture, and paint for walls should generally be chosen in lighter colors. Darker colors can be used to accent the room. Bright colors can be effective if different tones of the same color are used.If natural light isn’t an option, place a variety of table lamps and floor lights around the main living area to brighten up the entire room. Since most apartments are boxy, adding some curves can be appealing in small places. Choose sofas and chairs that have arm rests and backs that curve. This will mix up the dynamics of shape in your small living area. Tables and throw rugs that are round or oval shaped would also fall into this category.Maximizing Kitchens

Consider glass top tables and chairs for the kitchen area. See through furnishings; whether they’re in the kitchen or throughout the rest of the home keep all areas visually open. Using contrast appropriately can make a room look bigger. Use different colored tiles to create contrasting squares of color on the floor. This same approach can be used on the walls as well. Bright glossy colors in yellow or tangerine look great in a kitchen and reflect light, giving the room a brighter appearance.Some general tips for small kitchens include building the microwave into the cabinets, keeping smaller appliances stored out of sight, and making sure counter tops are sparse and clutter free. Use open shelves instead of cabinets if possible. It provides a way to use a splash of color by painting the interior of the shelves. It’s also easier and more convenient to find things when they’re stored in an open area.

Decorating Bedrooms

Some people may think that several stacks of pillows and bed linens are not appropriate for a small room. But lots of pillows can give a fluffy, airy appearance that can open up a bedroom. Again, the right type of color and even material can determine if this sort of look works or not. Thick, plush material will seem to take up more space than cotton or other types of thinner material. White, beige, and cream colors are always good choices for bedroom sheets and comforters.

If the bedroom is really small, consider an old-fashioned Murphy bed. These fold down beds can be found today in a variety of beautiful styles. This type of bed would be especially practical in a studio apartment. If you must have a regular bed in a small room consider creating shelving in place of a headboard. Built in shelves in the shape of a headboard will open up the room, create more storage space, and still have the look of a distinguished headboard. Pendant lights can be installed on each side of the bed providing a great decorating opportunity. Individualize your bedroom with a style that matches the rest of the decor while saving space on the bedside tables. Finally, consider placing mirrors on the closet doors.

Creating Bathrooms

For a particularly small bathroom keep everything the same color as much as possible. Light walls and a dark floor will break up the room visually and make it appear smaller. When keeping with the same color scheme remember to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. Make sure the tile in the shower goes from the floor to the ceiling and is the same color or tone as the walls. Finally, go big on the bathroom mirror. Mirrors almost always make a room appear much larger than it is. If possible, place the mirror across from a window.

Use floating shelves in small bathrooms for extra storage space. Consider a bifold door between especially small spaces such as between the bedroom and the bathroom. Bifold doors open up so the door can be completely closed when needed. When they’re open they are folded to become half the size and take up half the space.

Finishing Touches

In a small apartment artwork and wall hangings must be strategically placed. Using several individual canvases you can create one large picture across the wall. This makes for a dramatic effect in a smaller room. Art can be placed vertically, not just horizontally. Vertically placed pieces of art will give the illusion of the room being taller with a higher ceiling. With custom canvas art you can personalize each room with pictures of family, friends, and favorite vacation spots. Unframed canvas art can make a room look wider. You should choose one centerpiece with vibrant color and then work around that piece with artwork in more neutral or pale colors. When choosing any type of artwork or wall accent try to stick with pale or cooler colors. These colors do a better job of reflecting light and opening up a room.

Consider making an entire wall in any room a floor to ceiling bookcase. This will provide lots of space for books or other items. It can also make a small room look more elaborate. Living in a small apartment means being smart about storage in general. Storage areas can be built into almost any type of furniture, including under sofas and beds. A compact washer and dryer can be situated in a closet.


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