How to Take Great Action Photography

How to Take Great Action Photography

Action photography is most often associated with sports of different kinds. From athletics and football, to motor racing and cycling, we’re used to seeing great images in the media, but often the thought of capturing them for ourselves can be intimidating. It’s easy to think it takes a huge amount of technical knowledge to take great action shots but in fact with a little bit of know how and a good amount of practice, it’s relatively simple.

The skills used for taking sports shots have many other uses in other settings as well. From improving your street photography to taking better pictures of your kids running around in a field, you can employ the same strategies to good use. Here’s how to take great action photography.

Enable Continuous Shooting or Burst Mode

Enabling continuous shooting or setting your camera to burst mode will allow you to capture multiple images in one go. This will give you the opportunity to choose the best shot from a wide selection of photos rather than having to make sure you get the best one first time. It’s best to shoot in short bursts rather than a single long one so you don’t end up with hundreds of images which will be time consuming to go through and quickly fill up your memory card.

Get Set Up

Preparation is key to capturing a great action photo as it’s very unlikely you’ll end up in the right place at the right time by chance. Position yourself where you anticipate the most action to happen, like at the ends of a sports field rather than the center, or at the finish line of a race. You should make sure you are likely to be able to see your subject’s face to really capture the emotions and drama involved.

Freeze Time

If you want the picture to look as though time has been frozen then you’ll need to use a faster shutter speed. This is great for compositions where the background is as important as the subject. You should also adjust your aperture to be slightly higher, providing you with a broader depth of field and enabling you to get more of the image in focus. This is best in good natural light where you’re able to select a high ISO setting.

Capture the Blur

To really make the subject stand out as well as give the impression of movement, a great technique is to capture the subject crisply and blur the background. To do this, pan with the subject once they’re in focus by tracking them with the camera after opting for a slower shutter speed. Use continuous focus by pressing the shutter release down halfway once the subject comes into shot and following them as you press it down fully.

As with any new photographic technique, practice is essential to getting it right. Play around with the settings so you know what works in which situation and until you get comfortable doing it, and you’ll soon see better results.

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How to Take Great Action Photography