How to Take Awesome Cityscapes

How to Take Awesome Cityscapes

Cities can make some of the most compelling and striking subjects for photographs. Striking architecture, famous buildings, bright lights, and non stop action make for exciting pictures. But taking a great cityscape isn’t as easy as it looks. Here’s how to take awesome cityscapes.

Think Straight Lines

One of the great joys of cityscapes is the straight lines that are produced by the buildings that you find in them. They’re all over the place, from the silhouettes or outlines of structures, to the patterns created by windows, to the architectural details on the faces of the buildings that produce beautiful lines.

It’s important to think about the shapes that these create, and how they will affect your image. Ensure that the lines are straight when you line up the shot, unless you’re intentionally taking it at an angle otherwise they simply won’t look right.

Consider a Wide Angle Lens

As you’d imagine, a wide angle lens is wider than other types of lenses. They are often used by photographers for taking cityscapes simply because they allow them to fit far more of the subject into the picture.

This allows you to capture the size and breadth of a city in a single shot, whereas another type of lens could lead to closing down the image and not capturing the city in context.

Time it Right

The biggest cities tend to be vibrant all day long, but one of the keys to allowing them to look their best in photos is to choose the right time of day. The blue hours and golden hours at either end of the day tend to be best for getting the best images of cityscapes.

If you’re not able to photograph them at these times then just try to avoid midday and make sure that you’re shooting with your back to the sun.

Change Your Angles

If you take all of your images from street level then you’re going to get just one view of the city. A great technique is to switch it up and change your angles and heights that you’re shooting from.

Do this by getting up high in buildings, on bridges, or at vantage points. You can also get down low by heading under bridges, or literally getting low to the floor and pointing the camera upwards to get a sense of the height.

Use Water Wisely

Water can look stunning in cityscapes and produce all kinds of wonderful effects. It’s always a good idea to seek it out to see what different options it can provide you. Most cities are built on rivers so this is the obvious place to start.

Reflections are the primary benefit of water and you can often get beautiful mirror images of skylines. But you can also capture the movement of the water by using a long exposure to add another layer of texture and interest to your images.

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