How to Take an Awesome Selfie

How to Take an Awesome Selfie

What started off in many people’s eyes as an annoying novelty is now firmly in the mainstream, and it’s half a decade since the word “selfie” was named word of the year. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, selfies are an everyday part of the fabric of our society now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon.

Have you ever noticed how some people just always manage to look absolutely flawless in every selfie they take? Well guess what, that’s not accidental, there’s a knack to taking great photos of yourself. The good news is that even if you think that you’re the most unphotogenic person on earth, you can easily improve your selfies with a few basic tweaks and tricks.

Think About the Lighting

Lighting is all important when it comes to any type of photography, and just because selfies aren’t the most serious artistic expression, it doesn’t make it any different when it comes to taking a picture of yourself.

Natural lighting is by far the best, so bonus points if you’re outdoors, just make sure that the sun is in front of you instead of behind you or you’ll be nothing more than a silhouette. If you’re indoors then try and get in front of a window or source of natural light which is softer and provides a lovely glow instead of the harsh whitewash you can get with electrical lights.

Work the Angles

Often taking a selfie simply dead head on won’t produce the best results, so instead think about the different angles you can use that will be more flattering to you. They say that everyone has a “better side”, make sure you know which one yours is and show it off. Try tilting your head as well, and taking the picture slightly from above which will often appear more complimentary.

Put a Filter on It

Just as important as taking a great picture is what you do with it afterwards. And we don’t mean deciding which social media platform to upload it to. Editing pictures can take them from average to amazeballs in a few easy clicks so it’s important not to leave it “nude” if you really want to look your best. There are tonnes of apps available with great preset filters if you don’t want to spend time poring over every detail. Choose the best one and apply it for great results.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you think that anyone instinctively knows how to nail a selfie then you’d be completely wrong. As with anything in life, if you want to get good at it, you have to put in the hours. That means practicing, whether it’s in front of the mirror, or by taking dozens and dozens of selfies until you can get it right every time. Don’t be shy, you can always delete the ones you don’t like.

Think About the Background

Don’t neglect the background when you’re taking a selfie, at best it can ruin a photo, at worst it can be an embarrassing mistake. Even though you want your face to be the focus of the picture, it can still be complemented by an awesome background instead of something bland. Interesting buildings, famous locations, or even a colorful wall can all make a great background. Also be sure to check that there’s nothing in the background that you don’t want in the photo or you’ll inadvertently be showing it off to the world.

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How to Take an Awesome Selfie