How to Incorporate Abstract Art Into Your Home Decor

The very nature of abstract artwork tends to scare some people meaning that they’re put off from using it to decorate their homes. Many people think that it will only look good against an uber contemporary backdrop, and that it’s impossible to fit it into a more traditional look. This isn’t the case though as abstract artwork can look great in any room when done right. Here’s how to incorporate abstract art into your home decor.

Get Creative With How You Display It

News flash - art doesn’t have to be simply hung on walls. Abstract art is all about breaking the rules, so why not take that spirit into how you actually show your artwork and get creative with how you display it. There are so many different ways of exhibiting your pictures that will reflect the modern aspect of abstract.

Why not have a think about displaying pictures on a funky chair? Consider putting them on bookshelves in places of books. On top of sideboards or corner tables can look great. Or even laid up against a wall just resting on the floor. Depending on your spaces you can find a creative and interesting way of displaying your abstract artwork that will really emphasize its character.

Match the Features of the Art to Your Decor

If you’re trying to find artwork to compliment your existing home decor, then a great way to do this is to match the features of the art to elements of your design. This could be colors, shapes, or even just the feel of the piece. For example, if you have a modern minimalist interior, try a simple piece of art with few components.

If your room is full of sweeping rounded edges, choose a piece that incorporates these elements as well. Or if you’ve got patterns on the go then pick a piece of patterned artwork to match. Here at Artzee Designs we can help incorporate your desired colors into any piece of our abstract collection, simply tell us what you want and our team of talented designers will work it in.

Start With the Artwork

Alternatively, if you’re starting with a neutral space then a great way to look for inspiration is to find it in your artwork. Take a look at our abstract range to find a piece you love and then base your room’s decor around that.

Again, patterns, colors, and shapes are all fantastic starting points to building your decor around. The decor shouldn’t mimic the artwork entirely, but should be used as a base to inform the rest of your choices. This will ensure that it works well with the rest of the room.

Choose the Right Sized Artwork

While this is applicable for any kind of artwork that you’re putting into a space, it’s particularly important when it comes to abstracts. This is because they are often large, eye catching statements or expressions. Too large and they can completely overpower a room, too small and they can get totally absorbed into a space and end up making little or no impact.

It’s vital to think about the spaces that you have to work with and the pieces of artwork that are going into them to ensure they’re in proportion. Remember that white, neutral space around the picture is just as important as the picture itself. 


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