How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

If winter is all about bunkering down and creating a warm cosy environment to hibernate away in until the cold has passed, then spring is the time to start preparing for warmer, brighter days. It’s time to put away all of the heavy winter decor and start celebrating what’s to come - sunshine, new life, and bursts of color to replace the grey skies. It’s the season of hope, and for many people the first time when the new year really starts to feel like it’s begun. Here’s how to get your home ready for spring.

Have a Spring Clean

It’s a tradition that goes back centuries but one that’s till as important and symbolic today as it was when it first started. A spring clean is a great way to get rid of the cobwebs and start the new season with a clean slate. Use the opportunity to declutter, get organized, and get your home looking in tip top condition. If you’ve got any decorating planned for the spring then it’s best to start with a blank canvas, and if not then it will put you in a better mod regardless.

Pack Away the Winter Layers

You’ve probably spent the winter months making your home as cozy and comfortable as possible. Heavy throws, blankets, curtains, rugs, and anything else that will add a touch of warmth to your spaces in the depths of winter can all be put away now until next year. Strip your home of anything that’s specifically used for the cold season in preparation for the sunshine to come. You can do this as part of your spring clean and it will instantly make your home look ready for spring.

Get Some Spring Accessories

Now’s the time to accessorize your home for the new season, and you’ll want to do it with things that will last right through the summer months until fall. Why not switch up your artwork and replace the darker, colder pieces for brighter, warmer feeling ones. Our range of canvas art here at Artzee Designs includes sections that will be perfect for this, like our Tropical, Modern, or even Flower collections. You can even customize the colors to suit your existing scheme, just let us know what you want and our team of talented designers will make it happen.

Let the Light In and Brighten the Place Up

As the days start to become longer, make the most of that daylight by letting as much as possible in. Ensure your windows are clear of heavy curtains or blinds, and also give them a clean so there’s no layer of dirt blocking the sunshine out. This natural light will flood your home and make it feel completely different. Why not add some freshly cut, new season flowers to your spaces to reflect the changes that are happening outdoors as well and bring some pops of color. 


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How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring