How to Get Started With Photography

How to Get Started With Photography

Photography is a captivating hobby that countless people all over the world enjoy, but it’s one that many potential snappers are sometimes wary of taking up. They can be put off by the cost of the equipment, daunted by the thought of getting to grips with the technical aspects, and unsure of what kind of pictures they want to take.

But it’s often far more accessible than people imagine and complete beginners can be up and running taking awesome photographs in a short period of time. Here’s how to get started with photography.

Get Some Equipment

The main thing you’re going to need when you’re getting started with photography is obviously a camera, and it’s important to take time to choose which camera is right for you. But there are a few other bits of equipment that will instantly make taking better pictures far easier. A tripod is always a good investment and will help with both composition and steadying the camera, while not essential, a decent lens will immediately elevate your pictures, and a good camera bag to keep all of your equipment safe should all be top of your list.

Learn the Basics of Composition

Composition is one of the backbones of good photography, and there are some basic “rules” that you’ll need to learn that will set you on the right track from the start. The rule of thirds, finding balance in your images, using leading lines, perspective, emphasising color, and framing are all techniques to bear in mind and practice.

Understand the Lingo

When you’re reading photography magazines, manuals or blogs as a complete beginner it can sometimes feel as though they are written in a different language. Unfortunately, as with any new hobby there are lots of terms and technical phrases that you’ll need to get familiar with.

It may seem a difficult prospect to deal with at first but the once you have an understanding of what they refer to it will become second nature. Check out this guide which explains the most common photography terms that you’re likely to come across.

Try Out Different Types of Photography

You might already have an idea of the type of photography that you want to do, particularly if you’re a highly creative person or have a specific interest that’s drawn you to pick up a camera. However, it’s still worth exploring as many different types of photography to see which appeals to you the most.

While there are many similarities between the different strands, you’ll notice numerous technical differences as well as different skills required for each. For example portrait photography is distinct from street photography, while travel photography is also different.

Practice Makes Perfect

The main thing to do when you’re starting out on your journey to being a photographer is to devote as many spare hours as you have to it. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect, and you’ll only learn and get better by actually taking photos and trying new things out to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

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How to Get Started With Photography