How to Design a Room that Grows With Your Child

Designing your child’s bedroom can be one of the real joys of parenthood. It’s an opportunity to create them a wonderful space in your home to call their own that they will cherish and feel comfortable in for years to come. But it’s easy to get it wrong and create a time capsule that makes them feel as though it’s stuck at a certain age that they’ve long outgrown.

Kids’ likes and dislike change on a seemingly daily basis, so while it’s important to accommodate the things they’re passionate about in the decor, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you’re doing a full redesign every few months, or even every couple of years. Here’s how to design a room that grows with your child.

Opt for Timeless Furniture

Furniture is one of the main things that can become out of date overnight and it’s also one of the most expensive aspects of any room’s decor. Rather than falling for the cutest pieces that you come across, think about whether they have the necessary longevity to still work in a room for an older child. By going for classic furniture instead of themed items you’ll make it absolutely future proof and ensure that it will tie in well with whatever minor redecorations you might complete further down the line.

Go Neutral with the Base Design

Similarly to the furniture, you need to choose neutral base design elements that you can easily add to and accessorize. That means no wild crazy color schemes on the walls, and no childish patterned carpets or themed drapes. Instead go for good quality, neutral colors and designs that you can then embellish with accessories that won’t mean having to start again from scratch. This doesn’t mean that you have make it completely devoid of personality, and it’s still important to get your child involved in the decision making if they’re at an age when they can have a say.

Add Personality with Canvas Art

One of the best ways to add personality to your child’s space easily and without it costing the earth is simply to use canvas art. It’s inexpensive, is simple to order and install, and here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a fantastic range of awesome pieces that will suit every kid’s room no matter what age they are. Because it’s great value, even if your child gets bored or grows out of a certain piece, it’s no hassle to simply replace it with something else that they adore.

You can also create your own custom canvas artwork with our design your own feature if you’ve got something specific in mind or would like to decorate using your own photos. Simply upload your ideas to our site and our team of designers will work with you to create your ideal piece.

Include Lots of Storage

It’s inevitable that the older our little ones get, the more stuff they accumulate. When they’re small and don’t have a huge amount of things it’s easy to forget that, but it’s important to plan ahead for this by including lots of storage in your design. This means you’ll be able to match it perfectly to the other furniture instead of having to do this at a later date.


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