How to Decorate Your Home Using Abstract Art

How to Decorate Your Home Using Abstract Art

Some people are put off or even scared of including abstract art in their home, thinking it to be pretentious, overly modern, and more suitable for a cutting edge art gallery than a living space. However, there’s really no need to be afraid of abstract art, and used correctly it can be a wonderful and simple way to integrate colors, shapes, and patterns into your home decor. Here’s how to decorate using abstract art.

Match the Art to Your Color Palette

A great place to start with abstract art is to look primarily at the colors within the piece and pair them to the color palette of the space you intend to display it in. This doesn’t meant that they have to match exactly, but more that you should look for colors that compliment each other and won’t clash with the existing decor in your home. So for example, if you’ve got blue pastels in your scheme then pick artwork that has elements of other pastel shades.

If your home has a neutral color scheme with lots of whites or magnolias then this can be the perfect opportunity to inject some fun and color into what might otherwise be bland spaces. In this instance you can really go for broke and make the art the focal point of your room. Here at Artzee Designs we’re able to customize the colors on virtually any of our artwork to your specifications, so if you find the perfect piece in the range but want the colors altering then just let us know when ordering and our team of talented designers will change them accordingly.

Pick the Right Fit for the Space

Choosing the right sized artwork for your space is important regardless of the kind of picture it is. But it becomes even more important when you’re considering artwork that relies on color, shapes, and patterns. There are no rules around the perfect size of picture but there are a number of guidelines to follow that will help you to get it right.

You don’t want the picture to overwhelm the space, but at the same time it should be prominent enough that it doesn’t get swamped. The perfect size picture really depends on the area it’s intended to fill, but generally with abstract art larger is better, so go for the biggest size that doesn’t look out of place.

Go for a Series

A series of similar pieces of artwork can be used to stunning effect in a space and works amazingly well when it comes to abstract art. In our abstract collection we have a number of similarly themed pieces that are designed to work perfectly with each other.

They are essentially different expressions on the same theme and can be used to provide a link between different spaces in a room. Alternatively they can be displayed next to each other on the same wall to create an eye catching series of pictures that really stand out.


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How to Decorate Your Home Using Abstract Art