How to Decorate With Clocks

How to Decorate With Clocks

Clocks have been a feature of our homes and living spaces ever since they were first invented and in that time have gone through numerous incarnations. From sundials to digital displays and everything in between, like time itself,  the evolution of these incredible devices has never stood still.

But over the years they have become far more than just time telling implements to help us figure out which part of the day it is. Clocks are now used as accessories to add personality, color, and individuality to spaces throughout the home. Here’s how to decorate with clocks.

Go Back in Time

If your home has a more traditional style then a great idea is to go for a timepiece to match. Something like an old grandfather clock is the perfect compliment to a room with older or vintage elements and can make a crowd stopping addition. You don’t have to go for the full size either if you’re short on space, why not look for a miniature grandfather. A great place to start looking is in thrift stores or yard sales where you’re likely to pick up a lovely vintage piece at a snip.

Make a Big Statement

Large statement timepieces can turn a room from drab to fab in an instant and you can find designs to compliment any style of decor. A stylish, well designed clock can make a real focal point and add both color and interest with very little work. For a large room try an oversized clock which will make a wonderful eye catching centrepiece. This works best for a contemporary space where you can opt for an ultra modern design to match.

Clock Canvas Art

If you love clocks but are looking for an alternative way to include one in your decor then clock canvas art can be a brilliant way to do this. As part of our fantastic modern art collection here at Artzee Designs we’ve got this gorgeous Vintage Victorian Canvas Art which incorporates both vintage and modern elements. You can even customize it to your very own color specifications by simply letting our team of talented designers know which shade you need it in and they’ll work with you to create your ideal piece.

Design Your Own

It’s easy to design your own wall clock these days by simply buying the mechanism and then replacing the numbers with anything that takes your fancy. You can paint them directly onto your wall, place stickers or metal numbers in their place, or even substitute the numbers entirely for things like family portraits.

Create a Gallery

If you’re a real clock enthusiast then why not show off that love by creating a clock wall? For a truly unique look, try collecting a selection of your favorite timekeepers in lots of different styles and display them in a gallery fashion across an entire wall. It will make for a really striking effect and you can be sure never to forget what time it is. 


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How to Decorate With Clocks