How to Decorate Using Sports Inspiration

How to Decorate Using Sports Inspiration

Are you or your kids massive sports fanatics? Do you love nothing more than watching or playing your favourite sports? Have you got a favourite sports team that you have followed through thick and thin? Why not incorporate a bit of that sports inspiration into your home decor to celebrate that? Here’s how to decorate using sports inspiration.

Sports Canvas Art

Using sports inspired canvas art is one of the quickest, simplest, and most cost friendly ways to transform a space into a sports themed sanctuary. Here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a great range of sports canvases that includes baseball, football, soccer, and basketball inspired pieces that will look great on your walls.

They’re completely customizable, so if you have a favourite inspirational sports quote you want included on them or a color scheme you’d like them altered to suit then simply let us know when you order and our team of designers will work with you to create your perfect piece.

Alternatively, if you have a favourite sports photo that you want printed on a canvas whether it’s your kids in action on the field or a picture of your favourite team, you can use our create your own function to turn it into a beautiful individual canvas.

Sports Memorabilia

Items of sports memorabilia can make really standout items of decor and are a brilliant way to put your love of sports on display. Whether it’s a vintage programme from a special game, the jersey from the year your team won the trophy, or a ball that’s signed by your favourite player, sports memorabilia both look great and make an interesting talking point for when guests come to visit.

Integrate Sports Equipment and Accessories

Sports equipment can make for great decorative accessories to provide a sporty feel or theme to any space. Things like hockey sticks, baseball gloves, or football helmets can all be used to decorate with to give you that sports accent. You can also find countless sports equipment accessories that have been adapted from their original use to make things like clocks or light shades that will make unique and interesting additions to your home.

Themed Furniture

Name a sport and there’s a good chance you can find a brilliant piece of themed furniture that celebrates it. From chairs designed to look like baseball gloves or basketballs, to boxing glove bean bags, there are plenty of distinctive designs available. Alternatively you can go for a locker room theme using changing room lockers for storage instead of cupboards and drawers for a fun and interesting twist.

Decorate Using Your Team’s Colors

If you’re trying to decide on a color scheme for a room then why not take inspiration from your favorite sports team? This could be a subtle way to integrate a sports theme into your home while giving a nod to your heroes without including any specific sports paraphernalia.

Go for a special color palette on your walls by painting them to match your team’s jersey, pick some wallpaper that’s close in shade, or get some soft furnishings like rugs, drapes, or throws that resemble the strip.


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How to Decorate Using Sports Inspiration