How to Decorate a Dual Purpose Room

How to Decorate a Dual Purpose Room

Dual purpose rooms are a fantastic way to utilize limited space, allowing you to use a space for more than one purpose. But this can cause some difficulties when it comes to decorating them. Check out these tips on how to decorate a dual purpose room.

Check Whether It’s the Best Pairing

One of the main keys to creating a truly functional dual purpose room is to ensure that the two uses are compatible. For example, think about the times that you’re going to be using them as each function, as well as whether the use will compliment or hinder each other.

A good pairing would be an office and a spare bedroom, where they are clearly not going to be used at the same time for their different functions. A bad pairing would be an office and a childrens games room, where one usage would almost always interfere with the other.

Get the Storage Right

Good storage options are imperative when it comes to decorating a dual purpose room. This is because ordinarily it helps to be able to put away half of the accessories or equipment in the room when you’re not using them. Without good storage options your room can become extremely messy.

Try to utilize the available space in the best way. This could mean making use of the corners, building storage in vertically, hanging things on walls, and also squeezing storage in underneath things as well. It pays to be clever and think outside the box to find the best solutions possible.


Clutter is the enemy of a dual purpose room so it’s essential not to pack too much stuff in there. Before starting to decorate it’s a good idea to remove everything from the room, and only start to add stuff back in once you’ve properly designed it. This may result in some things not going back in so be prepared to let some furniture go.

You should also try to pick the furniture to be as minimalist as possible so that you make the most of the space you have. Sleek, modern lines and lightweight designs work particularly well in dual purpose spaces.

Use Foldaway Furniture

Foldaway furniture can be the difference between a great functioning dual purpose room and one that just doesn’t work. There are all kinds of different items of foldaway furniture available these days from chairs and desks right through to beds and tables.

By utilizing foldaway items you can easily transform a room from one usage into another in minutes, and with the proper storage in place you won’t even know that it was there in the first place.

Choose Neutral Artwork

Some artwork is more suitable for specific rooms, but when it comes to picking what’s right for a dual purpose room it’s important to pick neutral art.

Here at Artzee Designs we’ve got numerous wonderful pieces in our extensive range that would work well in any space meaning they would fit on the walls of any dual purpose room. Check out our collection here to choose the correct artwork for your dual purpose room.


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How to Decorate a Dual Purpose Room