How to Create Your Personal Photography Style

For a new photographer, working out what’s going to make your images unique can be a daunting task. It’s easy to take nice photographs with a little bit of know how, but developing your very own approach takes time and hard work. Here’s how to create your own personal photography style.

Figure Out What You’re Good At

The style of photography you focus in on should in part be dictated by what you’re naturally good at, so find out what that is a focus on those skills. Whether you’ve got a flair for putting subjects at ease, can spot a great landscape from a mile away, or you’re a technical whizz, make it an integral part of your style.

Photograph What You Love

Passion is one of the most important aspects of great photography, and if you aren’t interested in and don’t have a love your subject then that’s going to be clear in the end product. Maybe you like nature, perhaps you love architecture, or it might be different lighting that floats your boat. Make sure you’re capturing what you love and your pictures will look better for it.

Take Inspiration But Don’t Copy

Every photographer should draw from their inspirations, but don’t just go out and copy someone else's style or you’ll never develop your own. It’s fine to adopt certain aspects of other photographer’s work, but leave enough room to enable you to do something original.

Shoot Regularly

Your style isn’t going to come out fully formed, it’s something that will likely take hundreds of hours to hone and develop. The best way to do this is to shoot regularly. Take your camera with you wherever you go, take photographs as part of your daily routine, and make your lens an extension of your arm.

Learn the Rules

It’s essential for every photography to master the basic rules of the craft in order to be able to develop your own style. This will mean reading up on it, trying new things out, getting things wrong and learning from those mistakes. You’ll have to be technically proficient, understand the inner workings of your camera as well as how to manipulate your images in post production. Don’t expect to be able to run before you walk, this stage will take time.

Take Risks and Break the Rules

Once you’ve learnt the rules, it’s time to start taking risks with your photography and breaking those rules in order to enable you to create something original. Like all of the great artists, you need to be a master of the fundamentals to allow you to be able to lay around with them.

Learn and Refine

Every single shot you take should be considered as a learning experience and an opportunity to really refine what it is you’re doing. Assess your work after each shoot and figure out what you like and what you could have potentially done better and improve on it next time.

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