How to Create a Hallway that Will Impress Your Guests

Hallways are a strange part of the home. Though it’s probably the space that you spend the least time in, it’s also the first area that any guest will see, and as we’re always told, first impressions count. As soon as someone steps through your front door, they’re either going to be wowed or so turned off by your entryway that they look to make a quick getaway.

Despite this, they’re so often overlooked when it comes to interior design, considered almost an afterthought. Well it’s time to stop neglecting this vital part of your house by learning how to create a hallway that will impress your guests.

Remove the Clutter

Probably because it’s the first part of the house we encounter when we walk through the door, hallways tend to be filled with lots of unnecessary stuff. Particularly with families with kids, the routine tends to be to dump whatever is in our hands in the most convenient place whether that’s a side table, a telephone stand or the floor. To create a truly impressive hallway, the first step is to have a good clear out.

Get Some Clever Storage

While you’re clearing out, take note of what the common items you come across are. Maybe it’s shoes, coats, and bags, or perhaps it’s things like keys, letters and work papers. Whatever it is, that stuff will still continue to come through the door with you so it’s important to find it all a proper home. Start by making better use of your understair space, get a coat stand, integrate a dresser, hang a key hook and get organized.

Install Statement Lighting

So many hallways are dark, cold, uninviting corners of the home, but you can change the mood in a flash by brightening it up. Statement lighting is the perfect way to do this. Think a glitzy chandelier, uplights on the walls or even freestanding lamps that will create a beautiful glow while looking great in the process. Choosing the right lighting can instantly transform it to a warm, inviting, bright and airy space.

Introduce Some Canvas Home Decor

Introducing canvas home decor is the easiest way to quickly and cheaply stamp some personality and warmth on your hallway. Got a family? Why not line it with some custom made family portraits. Love modern art? Go for something more abstract. Inject some color and interest with some beautiful canvas home decor that will get your guests talking the moment they enter.

Think of it as a Reception Area

One of the real keys to impressing your guests is to think of your hallway as more of a reception area. That means its main function is as a place to welcome your guests into the house and make them feel comfortable. Add finishing touches like fresh flowers or houseplants, a comfortable chair for them to sit on as they remove their shoes and a mirror so they can check their appearance if they wish.

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