How to Choose the Right Art for Your Home

Picking art for your home can be a daunting task, particularly if you’re not an art expert. But choosing great art doesn’t need to be a chore, it should be a largely effortless process that you enjoy. Here’s how to choose the right art for your home.

Figure Out What You Like

The most important thing to remember about choosing art that’s right for your home is that it’s your home. Don’t be swayed by fads or trends, ultimately it’s you who has to live with that art every single day so it’s absolutely essential that you like it.

Set aside some time to look at as much art as you can and figure out what excites you, what really inspires you, and what will fill you with joy every time you look at it. It doesn’t matter in the slightest if you have absolutely no knowledge of the history or technical aspects of art, if a piece jumps out at you, then that’s what count.

Make Sure It’s the Right Size for the Space

Too small and it can get lost in a space and make no impact whatsoever, and in some instances even look comical, which probably isn’t the effect you’re going for. Too large and it can completely overpower the space, making it feel cramped and claustrophobic as a result.

If you’re confused as to how to determine what the right dimensions are then check out this guide on choosing the perfect size. Here at Artzee Designs all of our pieces come in a full range of sizes meaning it’s easy to choose the right sized piece for every space.

Go for Art that Compliments the Room

There are numerous ways to do this and it doesn’t necessarily mean simply matching the art to the color schemes or design of the room it’s intended for. In fact this can sometimes be the worst thing to do as it can blend in and looks distinctly underwhelming.

Contemporary pieces can work in classic spaces, and older artwork can work equally well in modern homes. The key is to think about it beforehand to ensure the piece will compliment the room rather than overwhelm it or overpower it.

Customize Your Art to Suit

Sometimes you may find exactly the right piece but there a certain aspect that you think would work better in a different way. Perhaps you’d prefer it in portrait over landscape, or maybe you love the subject matter but would rather it in alternative colors.

Here at Artzee Designs we will work with you to customize any piece to suit your needs meaning you have complete control over the art. Change the colors, alter the orientation, and even add a quote if you like, our team of designers will work with you until you’re happy with the final piece.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

A mixture of styles can work extremely well together, even if they’re all in the same room, or even together in a gallery wall. Because of this you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match styles as you can use it to great effect.

You should ultimately be guided by your personal tastes, and if these are broad and eclectic then let your artwork show that off. 


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