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Decorating Your Guest Bedroom - Creating a Guest Oasis on a Budget


Do you have that extra bedroom that you deem as your “guest” bedroom, but guests never want to stay in it because it’s no all that comfortable? It’s time to spruce up your space and make it an oasis that guests visiting won’t want to resist. Here are a few quick ideas to get you started to turn that drab space in a fab room!

Spice up walls with patterned wallpaper: Purchasing a modern patterned wallpaper can really make a room pop! Think about an accent wall or the entire room. By doing this, you’re bringing in a ton of character and uniqueness. It also gives you an opportunity to bring the colors from other elements of the room to the wall to bring the whole color palette to life.

Make a statement with wall stripes: Not a fan of wallpaper? Not everyone is! Think about being bold by simply adding stripes to your walls. Now this might take some detailed precision to ensure you pain the perfect stripe, but once you’re done, this will be one of the talking elements of the rm

Spruce up headboard wih art: Is your headboard a boring piece that just keeps your pillows from falling behind the bed? It’s one of the first things people see when they enter a room. Sure it should serve its function, but why not be unique too! Think about painting it or adding some fabric to it? If you’re in a bind and need to do something quickly, trying adding a piece of customizable art to the top of the headboard. Canvas art could be a great way to balance out the headboard.

Add mirrors for depth: Have a small room? Don’t worry – there’s way to make the room look bigger. Adding larger mirrors to a wall can really make a room look bigger. Now let’s not go crazy putting mirror everywhere, especially on the ceiling. You could try and use a stand up mirror with a unique border or even find a ton of mirrors from rummage sales and arrange them on a wall like an art gallery. Mirrors can be the best kind of art because at the end of the day, it’s showcasing you.

Rummage Sales Are Great Finds: Spend time going to rummage sales. While a ton of things you might find is junk, it’s all about finding that little gem that could bring a unique edge to your space. Think about what you need in your home…a lamp…a table…a chair? Now go out there and start looking for a piece that you can make your own. Here are some great examples of turning old pieces into new modern approaches.

Turning an old door into a vintage table  |  Old jars and rope make a unique lamp  |  Take three old chairs and combine them to make a great bench.

Decorative Vintage Books: Books are such a great way to add character to your shelves and tables. Bookstores, garage sales, online stores are selling old books for very cheap. Buy them and make them into unique pieces of art for your shelves! Take a look some examples of what you can
do with vintage books.


Arrange and spray paint books a color that matches your color scheme.

It's time to get your guests back into your home and comfortable! Stop giving attention to your room and share the love with other rooms in your home. 


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