Combining Art Forms to Spice Up Your Memories

Combining Art Forms to Spice Up Your Memories

There are so many unique ways to create custom canvas artwork for your home or office. There are many ways to combine art forms to spice up your memories and create something unique that will stand out when people walk in and see your personal piece of art. When it comes to custom canvas artwork, the options are endless! Instead of just having on of your photos printed or just framing a drawing, imagine if you took it to a whole new level and combined art forms. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to combine one of your pictures and then layer on textures and designs to make it stand out and be different. Custom canvas artwork can be easy to get done and more importantly, affordable! Here are some fun ideas to have Artzee help you create something that's versatile, personal and overall fun to look at. 

  • Combine Your Imagery & Picture with Color Overlays for Amazing Canvas Wall Art: Imagine if you take a regular picture that means the world to you and leverage the power of colors to change it and make it unique. Let's say you want to put this picture in your living room or family room and your colors are green and blue. Wouldn't it be great if the image matched your decor? It would still be the same personal image, but now also have the colors integrated to fit with your decor and aesthetic. 
  • Combine Your Imagery & Picture with Text Overlays for Amazing Canvas Wall Art: Let's say you have a great family shot, or a picture from a special moment in time. Sometimes adding artistic text can not only provide more information and color to the image, but create a piece that goes beyond an image only and really stand out. 
  • Combine Your Imagery & Picture with Textures or Patterns for Amazing Canvas Wall Art: This is my favorite one! Taking an image and have a pattern or textured overlaid on top of it. This takes two completely different images and makes it into one! Custom canvas artwork that can leverage versatile textures and patterns really stands out on someone's home or office wall. Examples can be found here
  • Combine Your Imagery & Picture with Shapes for Amazing Canvas Wall Art: Create fun pop art canvas when you overlay bold shapes and colors! Pop art canvas is easy to accomplish because simple shapes on top of your personal photos can really be fun. It's so simple but creates pop art canvas that no one else would have in their home. If pop art canvas is not your decor, you can still leverage shapes in a more muted form to add more line elements to your art. 
  • Turn Your Imagery & Picture into a Cartoon for Amazing Canvas Wall Art: There are many designers, especially Artzee, who can take an image and make it feel more like a drawing or cartoon. This not only creates a personal drawing but also takes your picture to a new level. Leveraging the artistry of cartoon can ensure your art will stand out when people walk in and see your cartoon canvas art on your walls. 

More information about custom canvas artwork can be found here

Art can be so versatile! Instead of drawing your own art, you can have custom canvas artwork created for you. 

If you have any questions or need any help with your home decor art work, please reach out to where we can help you with versatile options to bring life to your walls in your home or office.