Canvas Wall Art to Coffee Tables: 10 Things that Every Living Room Needs

Canvas Wall Art to Coffee Tables: 10 Things that Every Living Room Needs

The living room is where most people spend the majority of their lives when they’re at home, so it’s only right that it should be a well thought out space. That means considering both style and comfort in equal measure, thinking not just about what furniture and objects to have but their positioning as well, and most of all creating a room that you want to spend time in. There are certain things that you simply must include to make it feel welcoming and homely, here are the 10 things that every living room needs.

Canvas Wall Art

Art is one of the most important features of any living space, none more so than the living room. It adds soul, life and individuality to your walls and can be used to break up big, bland expanses. Check out our Canvas Wall Art Living Room Collection for inspiration.


Whether it’s a bunch of fresh flowers on the coffee table or a large potted tree in the corner of the room, it’s important to have some greenery. It will quite literally breathe a bit of life into the space.

A Mirror

Mirrors are great for distributing natural light, making a space feel bigger or just providing a focal point for the room. The positioning here is key, great locations include above a fireplace to draw the eye or opposite a window to reflect light.

A Coffee Table

Let’s face it, every living room needs somewhere you can put your drinks, and it’s also a great place to position a plant or some candles. A coffee table is largely practical but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Here's some coffee table styling ideas for your inspiration. 

Comfortable Seating

If you actually plan on spending time in your living room then comfortable seating is probably the most important furniture you’ll buy. A deep sofa with plenty of cushions and a couple of individual chairs should do it.


There’s something about books that is just really special. They’re a way to have some of your personality on display and lend a casual feel to the room, whether they’re stacked on your table or packed on a shelf.


Steer clear of the four magnolia walls look and do something a bit more exciting. Splashes of color add vibrancy, and stop your room from being dull and could come in the form of paint, wallpaper or accessories.

Something of You

You could recreate a stylish room that you’ve seen on Insta, but then that wouldn’t have any of you in it. Add a personal touch with some family photos, or even some quirky objects that reflect your passions.

Varied Lighting

Nothing kills a mood like harsh lighting, so for when it gets dark make sure you have a few different light sources. Low lighting creates a certain atmosphere that’s just right for relaxing in, so in addition to your ceiling lights get yourself a lamp or two when you are choosing how to light your living room.

A Rug

Particularly if you have hard flooring, a rug is the perfect way to just soften it down slightly and make it feel cozy underfoot. It also lends a room warmth for when the cold nights roll in.

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10 Things That Every Living Room Needs