Bring the Outdoors Inside

The garden and the home have traditionally been two distinctly separate areas reserved for entirely different purposes. But get ready for all of that to change, because this year a new trend is developing that’s bringing the outdoors inside. It’s even got a name, having been dubbed  “Transterior” by those in the know. And we’re not just talking about sticking a pot of herbs on your kitchen windowsill, it’s going way further than that. Here are some ideas that will help you to bring the outdoors inside in your home.


That’s right, trees are coming to live indoors with us this year. OK, so not everyone has got space for a fully grown evergreen in their living room but trees are making their ways into our homes. There are plenty of options here from fruit trees to palm trees, but go as big as you can for the space you have.

Floral Artwork

One of the simplest ways to bring a touch of the outdoors into your home it by using floral artwork. Check out the  flower canvas home decor section on our site and simply choose a few of your favourite pieces. We have everything from floral inspired patterns to brightly coloured flower abstracts. Or if you’re a keen outdoor photographer, why not order a personalized wall canvas with your favourite landscape photo on?

Natural Light

Lighting is an important consideration in any makeover, and letting in as much natural light as possible and flooding your room with sunshine will brighten up any space. Strip back curtains and blinds, open up your windows and let it in! You’ll see your room in a whole new light, literally.  Sunlight has also been proven to improve your mood, so will make the space feel a lot more positive.


Wood is a great way to bring a bit of the rugged outdoors into your home, just as long as you choose the right pieces. Driftwood is a stunning addition to any room, and you can either create something of your own from found pieces or purchase a ready made piece of furniture. Wooden tables, chairs and frames all work well to add an al-fresco touch to an indoor space, just keep it as natural and rustic as possible.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan has long been the go to furniture for the garden enthusiast thanks to it being hard wearing and the limitless ability to update and customise it. Because the wooden bases are complemented with upholstered cushions, it’s easy to create a new look whenever you want making it virtually timeless. Interior designers have started to use rattan furniture indoors for the very same reasons, giving living rooms an outdoor summer vibe.

Natural Decorations

When it comes to natural decorations, the only limit is your imagination. Get outside and start collecting pine cones, sea shells, interesting stones or anything else that will make an interesting addition to your home. Fill up glass pots with them and use them as centrepieces on tables, shelves and dressers. 

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