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Bathroom Decorating Ideas


Decorating Your Bathroom on a Small Budget

Just because you’ve spent a ton of money on decorating the bedroom, living room and kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t find easy and cheap ways to decorate your bathroom with a personal touch. What are some ways to make your bathroom special and with a personal touch?

Paint A Wall

Of course, this is the easiest tip! Pick a wall and do an accent color. I personally enjoy blues/aqua as well as beige/neutrals. Adding stripes to have a contrast in color can also change the dynamic of the bathroom and add a unique flare. If you’re looking to do stripes, try and have a bold color paired with a subtle,

Colors on the wall go a long way and definitely change the overall look of the bathroom, but I’m wouldn’t stop with just painting a wall.

Personal Travel Pictures

There’s absolutely nothing better than taking a bath and enjoying some soft music and wine, but what better way to bring a unique experience to the bathroom but with your own images from your travels. It’s a fun way to reminisce about where you’ve been by also adding a special artsy touch to your bathroom. I for one have images from my international travel to constantly remind me of the various cultures and experiences I got to enjoy in the past. When looking at these images, it puts me in a great mood, which is definitely a plus in the morning before work and heading off to bed.


As mentioned, the bathroom is increasingly becoming a safe haven to relax and recharge. With the growth of steam showers, spa/Jacuzzi tubs, lighting is becoming more and more important and should be carefully thought out to have a better experience as you utilize this room in your home.

While it’s definitely important to have dimming lights on the ceiling or wall of the bathroom, start thinking about other ways to bring light into the room without having to use the main light.

For example, what if you put candleholders on the wall. During a nice long bath, it would be nice to be able to quickly light candles, versus having to soak with a bright light. Another examples are to have under-mirror and cabinet lighting is also a nice way to set a mood in the bathroom.

The whole idea with lighting is to have various options. Of course you want a brighter light when you’re applying makeup or taking a shower, and other times you just want to lighten the mood and relax.

Vintage Furniture

One of the most creative things to make your bathroom unique is to bring in vintage furniture pieces that were never meant for the bathroom. My parents had this great idea when they went antique shopping and found an old dresser. My dad, as handy as he is, took the top of the dresser off and replaced it with a marble top and sink. By doing this, he turned a unique piece of furniture into the perfect piece for the sink.

To this day, when people visit, they compliment how cool it looks in the bathroom and how they’ve never seen it before.

If you have any ideas to share, please comment today!


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