9 Tips for Looking Good in Photos

9 Tips for Looking Good in Photos

Are you one of those people that just hates having your picture taken? Do you always seem to be pulling some weird face, holding yourself awkwardly, or have your eyes firmly closed? If this sounds familiar, then we know that it can get pretty tedious seeing unflattering photos of you cropping up on social media all the time.

Well here’s the good news. Even though some people are just born to look good in photos, it’s also a skill that can be learned. Yes, with a little work, it’s possible to turn yourself into a photogenic poser. Here are 9 tips for looking good in photos.

Do Your Prep

To know how to look good in photos, you need to figure out why you don’t look good in them at the moment. Study some photos of yourself that you don’t like to identify exactly what it is that’s making you look bad so you know what it is you need to correct.

Practice Makes Perfect

As with everything in life, it takes practice to continuously look good in photos. Practice looking at your best on command in the mirror, so as soon as the camera get whipped out it’s second nature to pull your favoured pose.

Dress for the Occasion

If you think there’s the potential for a photo shoot, then be prepared by making sure your outfit is on fleek. No one wants a permanent record of them looking frumpy in an embarrassing outfit, so dress your best whenever you’re heading out somewhere public.

Hair and Makeup

Similarly with how you’re dressed, your hair and makeup can make or break how good you look in pictures. Again, if you think you’re going somewhere where the camera might get brought out then make sure you’re looking as good as you can. Give yourself a quick once over before the photographer pulls the trigger just to be sure everything’s where it should be.

Angle Your Body

Have you ever noticed how famous people on the red carpet never seem to be stood square on to the camera? Well there’s a reason for that. Angling your body is more slimming, more flattering, and creates a nice diagonal line with your body.


Tensing up is one of the worst things you can do in a photo, but it’s almost like a catch 22 because the more you hate photographs, the more you tense up. Take a deep breath, shake your arms out aaaand, relax. You’ll look far better for it.

Show your “Good Side”

For some reason, everyone has got a “good side” of their face that they prefer. Figure out which one it is, memorize it and angle your face to show it off to its fullest in every picture.

Keep Your Hands Busy

Nothing makes you look more awkward or uncomfortable than your hands hanging aimlessly by your sides in an ungainly fashion. So keep them busy. Put them on your hips, cross them over one another, put one in a pocket, or even drag one through your hair like a brush. No matter how unnatural it might feel, it will come across much better on camera.

Open Your Eyes

Closed, or half closed eyes inevitably make you look less than at your best. If you’re prone to your eyes going to sleep as soon as they catch sight of the lense, then make sure you concentrate on forcing them open. A good trick is to close them deliberately before the photographer takes the shot, then open them as naturally as possible at the last minute.


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9 Tips for Looking Good in Photos