9 Sports Photography Tips for Beginners

9 Sports Photography Tips for Beginners

Sports are a huge part of many of our lives. Whether it’s your kids that play in their school teams, you who takes every opportunity to get out for a game, or you love to go and watch your local outfit on the weekends, photographing it can be a fun way to remember and celebrate it.

However, without the correct knowledge, sports photography can be one of the more difficult categories of photography to get right. Here are 9 beginner tips for photographing sports.

Use a Fast Shutter Speed

A fast shutter speed is essential, especially if you’re taking images of a fast moving game. The reason for this is that without a fast shutter speed, your subject will be blurred and out of focus as they move. A fast shutter speed will help to “freeze time” and keep them sharp and crisp.

Think About Your Positioning

Angles can make all the difference when it comes to sports photography, and if you’re not in the right position then you’re likely to miss the best shots. Think beforehand about where the majority of the action will be going on and get yourself as close to that position as possible.

Use a Zoom Lens

Sports fields tend to be pretty large meaning a prime or fixed lens may not cut it when you’re trying to get close ups. Adding a zoom lens to your kit bag will allow you to focus in on more of the action.

Get the Exposure Right

As with any form of photography, the lighting is a key element. If you’re outdoors then this gets slightly more tricky as you have to deal with the sun and changing conditions. Always remember to adjust your aperture and ISO accordingly so as not to over or under expose your images.

Don’t Become Part of the Game

It can be tempting to step onto the field or get right into the action to get a great close up. But even if the resulting picture is incredible, no one will appreciate it. You will embarrass yourself and potentially even affect the result of the game if you get into a position that means you’re interfering, so always remember that you’re there to capture what happens, not affect it.

Stay Ready

Great moments in sports are over in a flash, so if you’re serious about getting great images then you need to ensure that you’re always ready. That means being alert, carrying items like extra batteries, and anticipating when something exciting is about to happen.

Capture the Emotion

It’s easy to take average photographs of a sports game, but the best images come from moments of high emotion. Seeing huge effort on someone’s face, the look of dejection when they do something wrong, or elation when they make a score are all powerful subjects.

Don’t Just Focus on the Game

The game is going to be your main subject, but don’t forget to capture the atmosphere as well. Photograph the crowd, the surroundings, the stadium, everything that goes into making a great sporting event.

Print Your Best Images

Now that you know how to capture great sports images, be sure to show them off. It’s easy to turn them into stunning works of canvas art, all you have to do is upload them to the Artzee Designs website and our team of designers will create a unique piece of artwork for you.


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