8 Secrets To Outstanding Canvas Wall Art Decorating

8 Secrets To Outstanding Canvas Wall Art Decorating

I know that canvas wall decor can be tricky but we have 8 secrets to ensure you have outstanding canvas wall art in your home or office. There are so many options that can taken into account to ensure your home decor canvas look incredible on your walls. This post pulls together secrets to bring luxury and classic home decor canvas to your home.

1) Canvas Art & Furniture Sizes: There's a rule of thumb that we learned when adding canvas wall decor to your home. If the width or height matches the same size as the width of your furniture then you should be good. Imagine if you had a 12x12 piece of canvas wall decor art but the couch was 5 feet wide. It would not look cohesive. If you want the look of luxury, then try and match the size. If your piece of furniture is very wide, you can think of having multiple pieces of canvas versus just one. See the next secret below.

2) Big Canvas vs Collage:
It can be incredible to have canvas wall decor be the width of your couch, but that could be a huge piece of art, depending on the size of your couch or sofa. A great way to span the width is to buy your canvases individually and pair them together on your wall.

3) Framing Your Canvas Wall Decor: While canvas looks good on it own, there's always the option to frame them to to give your personalized canvas prints a different effect that looks polished. 

4) Make Your Home Decor Canvas Personal & Unique: What if you could have your canvas art not just be a classic home decor canvas piece that will make your space look amazing, but also a piece that is personalized to your taste, color scheme and overall aesthetic. When it comes to personalized canvas art, you should leverage the power of Artzee to custom product your exact vision at the fraction of the cost. The home decor canvas will still have a luxury and classic feel, but will be incredible on your walls since it will 100% personalized and customized to your desires. 

5) Luxury Canvas Prints Should Be Uplifting: Not only should your custom canvas art be personalized, but you should ensure that it's produced to create pieces that include quotes and colors to put you in an uplifting mood. You want to be able to look at your canvas wall decor and smile everyday. You're not going to change your personalized canvas wall decor often, so make sure it brings a certain feeling to you. 

6) Hang Your Wall Simply With Ease: It's always important to clean the wall with a damp cloth before hanging. Once you do, make the wall with an 'x' so you know exactly where you want the nail. The best advice we can give is to know the measurements of the canvas as well as the wall. We recommend that you hang the canvas with it's midpoint between 56 to 60 inches from the floor if you can. Also, it looks nice if you can have the bottom part of the canvas be about 8 to 10 inches above the furniture. 

7) Layout Your Canvas Wall Decor Like an Art Gallery: When hanging art do not feel like you have to make sure every piece is perfectly centered with the next. It's great to also scatter the art to make it a gallery feel. This can even include haven't different luxury canvas decor art pieces too! This not only creates a classic home decor effect, but also will make your wall look incredible.

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