8 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

8 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas

Holiday season is in full swing and Christmas is looming, no doubt you’re starting to think about how to decorate your home for the big day. Some people spent months preparing their decor, but with just a little bit of effort you can give your home the Christmas wow factor with a few simple touches. Here are 8 easy christmas decoration ideas to transform your home into a holiday haven.

Custom Canvas Art

For a quick, simple and affordable way to bring a bit of Christmas cheer into your home, order some festive inspired custom canvas art from us. Whether it’s pictures of Christmas past, a christmas drawing that your kid has done, or some festive quotes to hang around the home, just let us know your idea and we’ll turn it into reality.

Card Ribbons

There’s no better way to display your Christmas well wishes than by creating some card ribbons to hang up around your house. Simply choose a festive color like red, green, silver or gold for your ribbon, and clip your cards to them using mini pegs or clips.

Festive Bowls

Grab your biggest bowl from your cupboard whether it’s glass, metal, or ceramic, and fill it with all things Christmas. Baubles, Christmas candy, tinsel, whatever you’ve got to hand you can use. You can even create a nativity scene in your bowl with little figurines dusted with snow.

Light it Up

One of the best ways to welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home is to get the lighting right. Create some amazing DIY lamps by filing a glass vase or bowl with fairy lights, go over the top with scented candles and put that sparkle into your rooms.

Create a Wreath

Wreaths are easy to create and can make a great festive impact all over your home. You can use them to decorate everything from the front door to the mantelpiece, and they’re simple to make yourself with a few basic supplies.

Candy Cane Vase

One of the best things about Christmas is the awesome seasonal food and drink that we get to indulge in, and let’s face it, everyone loves candy. Always keep some at hand by creating yourself a candy cane vase which will only take a few minutes. Simply hand the candy canes over the edge of the vase and you’ve got a colorful decoration and some delicious snacks to pick at.

Paint Some Pine Cones

Nothing says Christmas like pine cones, but why not take these most traditional of decorations to the next level with a quick paint job. Simply lay them on some old newspaper and paint them with a metallic paint or festive shade for a stunning and colorful decoration.

Table Centrepiece

Every Christmas feast needs a worthy centrepiece, but they don’t have to cost a fortune or take a long time to make. Why not go for some holiday greenery by arranging branches of seasonal blooms, dotted with mistletoe and sprinkled with glitter to really liven up your table.


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8 Easy Christmas Decoration Ideas