7 Ways to Finish Off Decorating Your House

7 Ways to Finish Off Decorating Your House

Decorating your home is a big job that can often take weeks if not months of planning to get done. Often those grand plans are for the bigger choices like color schemes, structural changes, and layouts and don’t focus on the smaller details that really turn your house into a home. Soft furnishings, accessories, and stamping your own personality on a space are crucial to making your home complete. If you’re ready to take your living spaces to the next level, here’s how to finish off decorating your house.

Curate Some Canvas Art

Bare walls make a room look empty and uninteresting. The ideal way to pep them up is to decorate with some canvas art. Here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a fantastic range of stunning pieces to compliment any style of decor, whether you’re looking for a modern touch, some inspirational quotes, or an abstract piece.

Add Some Rugs

Rugs are essential for rooms with hard flooring such as tiles, stone, or wood. Not only do they look great, but they will also bring a warmth with them that you just don’t get with hard flooring. Make an intricate design into a feature, use a large one to define a separate area in a room, or lay a plain one for purely practical purposes.

Dress Your Windows

Windows dressings are often the last thing to come to mind when it comes to decorating but they are extremely important. The ideal window dressing will compliment the decor, while at the same time letting in as much natural light as possible. Choose blinds, curtains, or shades depending on your space.

Light it Up With Lamps

Lights on or lights off. That doesn’t provide many options and won’t allow you to alter the lighting to create a mood to suit your needs. Lamps will give you multiple options to create the lighting you want for any setting. Go with a variety of floor lamps, table lamps, and side lamps with different strength bulbs in.

Introduce Some Greenery

If your spaces are lacking life then the quickest way to introduce some is with a bit of greenery. Plants and flowers will give you some color and add a bit of nature to your home decor which you may otherwise be lacking. Try going for a plant or tree in each room, selecting the size to match the space.

Make a Statement

Add some crowning details your home decor with some statement pieces. This can be anything from a piece of furniture or art, to something that reminds you of a favoured passtime. Whatever it is, make sure it’s a reflection of you and your personality shines through in it.

Layer Up With Different Textures

Each room in the house should include a blend of different textures to create depth and interest. Combine a mixture of new and old, hard and soft, shiny and worn. Build this with an assortment of soft furnishings like throws and cushions, include some wood, stone, or metal, some polished accessories, and some unfinished natural elements. 


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7 Ways to Finish Off Decorating Your House