7 Stylish Additions to Your Home Office

Working from home is becoming more and more common as the internet continues to make the world smaller. The necessity of being chained to a desk 9 to 5, Monday to Friday is rapidly disappearing and companies are beginning to realise the benefits of allowing their employees the freedom to be flexible with their time. Then there’s the rising number of independent businesses that people are starting from their own homes.

Having a separate space that you use solely for work is essential as it allows you to separate your work life from your home life. But whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, or work for a company that gives you the ability to be flexible in your work base, it’s important to get your home office feeling comfortable and looking stylish as it’s a place that you will undoubtedly be spending a lot of time. Here are 7 stylish additions to your home office.

Funky File Stacking Tray

They say that an untidy workspace is reflective of an untidy mind. So make sure your home office is free from the clutter of loose paperwork by getting yourself a file stacking tray. Get funky with a neon acrylic look, or stay classic with a dark wood stack.

Stunning Canvas Home Decor

Perk up your bare walls with some stylish pieces of canvas home decor that will inspire you every time you look at them. Whether it’s a family photograph or an abstract painting, a piece of canvas home decor will make your office feel far less clinical.

Statement Desk Lamp

Lighting is important in a home office, particularly when you’re working late into the night. Equip your desk with a statement desk lamp to brighten up the room. Maybe you’d like an antique tiffany, or perhaps an ultra modern design would suit better, either way choose something that stands out.

Retro Desk

The desk is the focal point of every home office so do away with the boxy chipboard piece and replace it with a trendy retro counter. Something Scandinavian inspired, with clean lines and an understated design will work perfectly, or a traditional writing desk will do the trick.

Modern Desk Chair

You need something good to sit on, but in truth comfort is the biggest concern when it comes to choosing a desk chair. Get it wrong and you can cause yourself serious damage, from RSI to back pain. But comfortable doesn’t have to mean boring so get yourself a modern, ergonomic backless number.

Old School Telephone

Not many people use the landline anymore so you can go all out style over substance here. Go retro with a rotary style desk phone, but choose a modern lookalike version for convenience.

Cool Filing Cabinet

Tedious but essential, there’s no excuse for a metal grey filing cabinet that used to be the mainstay of work offices. Choose something colorful that will stand out from the crowd and liven up the space, making you forget all about the dull paperwork it contains.

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7 Stylish Additions to Your Home Office