7 Items of Decor Every Bathroom Should Have

7 Items of Decor Every Bathroom Should Have

Bathrooms tend to be functional spaces that get largely overlooked when it comes to design. But they’re spaces that we use every single day and as such should be given as much consideration to look as great as the rest of the home. Here are 7 items of decor every bathroom should have.


A bathroom mirror is an absolute necessity, but don’t just settle for one of those small shaving mirrors. Two mirrors is ideal as it means you can have one above the sink, and another full length one. Go all out with a couple of really eye catching pieces, that will look great and help to brighten up what can be a dark room by bouncing the light around.


When people decorate their bathrooms they tend not to consider artwork for the bathroom, but it’s a great way to perk up what can otherwise be a purely functional space. It will add a bit of color which many bathrooms lack, and it’s a great way to get some of your personality into the space as well which can be difficult to do. Here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a great range of canvas art to choose from that will look fantastic in your bathroom.


Plants and greenery are a wonderful way to add a bit of life to your spaces and work particularly well in bathrooms. Some house plants won’t do so well in the often humid, wet conditions but varieties such as aloe vera, cactuses, or orchids thrive in the environment that your bathroom will create.


If you’re someone who loves nothing more than to to fill the tub and enjoy a long soak in warm soapy water, then candles are going to be an essential inclusion in your decor. Turning off the lights and basking in the relaxing glow they diffuse will help you into a state of pure tranquility, and scented candles will further help set the mood.

Stylish Bath Mat

Make a statement in your bathroom with a stylish bath mat. Forget about the boring ones you usually find in the bathroom sections and go for a small rug instead which will mean you have far more choice over colors shapes and designs. As long as it’s made of an absorbent material it will do exactly the same job and look infinitely better.

Storage Baskets

Good storage is one of the secrets to good design for any room and this is particularly true in your bathroom where you may not have any built in cupboards or spaces for it. Storage baskets are the ideal solution and can be used to keep things like spare towels or toiletries neatly tidied away. Wicker baskets look great in bathrooms, as do metal wire or wooden ones, and you can even put them on open shelving to make a feature of them.

Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dispenser

Rather than keeping your soap in the sometimes unattractive plastic containers they come in, transfer it to a dedicated soap dispenser that looks great and fits your decor scheme. Match it with a toothbrush holder to make a lovely looking set. 


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7 Items of Decor Every Bathroom Should Have