7 Interior Design Staples that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

7 Interior Design Staples that Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Fads in interior design come and go like the wind, with every season bringing with it a the “latest new trend”. Despite this there are some decor fundamentals that are simply timeless and will work in any home in any era regardless of their style. If you’re following the trends or want to add a bit of classic style to your home then here are 7 interior design staples that will never go out of fashion.

Canvas Home Decor

Artwork is essential for turning any home from drab to dazzling, and it’s certainly stood the test of time having been popular for centuries. Canvas home decor is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to add a little bit of glamour to your interior design and here at Artzee Designs we’ve got a fantastic range for you to choose from.

Neutral Color Schemes

Every year sees a new “it” color, and dazzling patchworks of different shades come in and out of fashion regularly. Neutral tones on the other hand will always work as the base for absolutely any room in any house thanks to their very nature. They’re inoffensive and go with whatever else you decide to put in a room, meaning they will always be a hit no matter what decade it is.

Varied Lighting

Good lighting is so important to the feel of a space, and one aspect of good lighting in having varied sources. Natural light is traditionally king, but depending on where you live and things like the size of your windows, it may not always be realistic to rely on it. Being able to create any mood you want is key. Do it through a mixture of lamps and ceiling fixtures, giving you the ability to choose the strength and tone of the lighting.

Good Storage

Storage should never be an afterthought, as without adequate places to put your things in your home, it will end up always looking messy, regardless of how minimalist your design. For this reason it’s good to start designing a room with storage in mind and build around your practical necessities.

Statement Rug

Rugs can tie a room together, be the focal point of the room, and also transform a cold, hard surface into a soft and welcoming one. A statement rug will always be a great decorating tool, think Persian, patterned, or made from traditional materials.

Natural Wood Dining Table

Wood has always been used as a building material and also to furnish homes on the inside as well thanks to being both versatile and durable. A natural wood dining table is not only a beautiful item but they’re virtually limitless in design options available meaning you can always get one to compliment your decor.

Big Mirrors

Big mirrors are the ultimate expression of style and will add an element of luxury to any room in the house, but in particular are perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms. Besides looking amazing they also serve a practical function in that they help a room to look larger by reflecting both the dimensions of the space and the light within it. 


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7 Interior Design Staples that Will Never Go Out of Fashion