7 Interior Design Rules It's OK to Break

7 Interior Design Rules It's OK to Break

There’s an old adage that says rules are there to be broken, and there’s no place where this is more true than when it comes to the interior design of our homes. So many of the so called design rules that many of us grew up on are completely out of touch with our modern lives, and put simply, a bit boring. If you’re ready to throw off the shackles and ignore the standards that have governed interior design for far too long, then read on. Here are 7 interior design rules it’s OK to break.

Your Artwork Should Be Hung Up

No, no, no. There are so many more creative ways to display your art that just hanging it on your walls seems a little bit stale these days. Art is about freedom of expression, and so the same should apply for the way that we display it. Bookshelves, chairs, and even the floor make great gallery spaces, so use your imagination and forget about the nails and hooks.

Don’t Mix and Match Your Art

It used to be said that the artwork in each room should all share a theme, and the colors should complement the scheme of the room. But these days we have eclectic tastes, so why shouldn't we show them off? Gallery walls in particular look great with a contrasting mix of artwork, of all shapes and sizes.

A Room Needs to Be Symmetrically Balanced

You still see this so often, where everything you find in a room from furniture to accessories come in pairs which are evenly spaced out throughout the room. But this can end up looking staid, rigid and boring. If you’re looking to make your spaces a little more interesting, why not think about adopting an asymmetrical outlay. Think in odds instead of evens and work with the irregularities.

Wood Should All Be the Same Finish

It used to be that you’d pick your favourite wood finish and load up on it for every piece of furniture throughout a room. But different finishes create great contrast and add interesting texture to a room. Go wild and introduce as many different woods and finishes as you like for a striking blend.

Don’t Mix Your Metals

Similarly as with wood, the old thinking was that a space could only accommodate one type of metal. Brass isn’t supposed to mix with copper, and gold shouldn’t be seen with silver. But combining different types of metal can lead to a far more exciting look.

Small Spaces Need Small Furniture

It’s easy to understand where this design rule comes from, the idea being that big furniture can overpower a small space making it feel claustrophobic and appear even smaller. But this isn’t always the case. In fact, big furniture used in the right way can have the opposite effect, so why not give it a go and introduce some oversized pieces into your tiny spaces.

Stick to One Pattern

Clashes in patterns are traditionally considered a no go when it comes to interior design, but they can give your home a worldly and eclectic atmosphere when used correctly. Steer away from the one dimensional, homogenous look by adding different patterns with different textures, and create a boho paradise in the process.


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7 Interior Design Rules It's OK to Break