7 Buying Tips For Canvas Wall Art

We realize that buying canvas wall art can be stressful! We wanted to give you 7 buying tips for buying canvas wall art based on our experience along with what our customers have told us over the last few years. Buying art can be such a personal and expensive purchase so it's important to know that the paintings match your decor and overall vibe in your house before you buy it. 

  • Harmony: When buying canvas art, you need to understand what you already have on your walls. There's nothing worse than going into a house where nothing matches or has any sort of harmony. Think about harmony in your house before you buy. This purchase from online art stores should be something that completes a puzzle in your house. For example, if you have black and white paintings and pictures of family up on a wall, think about abstract wall art that's colorful to compliment your photos. 
  • Connect with the Art: You should connect with your canvas art. Not only should it match your decor, but before you buy your art, you should feel some sort of connection so you smile or get a specific feeling every time you see the art on your wall. If you don't connect with your art, then it's probably a piece you won't keep for a long time, so it's ok to ensure that it speaks to you. 
  • Set Budget for Yourself: Art does not have to be expensive! However, regardless of the cost, you should have a bud in place before you buy or purchase your art. The most important thing is to stick to that budget. There are so many options at online art stores that you should be able to find what you need within the budget you set for yourself so ensure your art is affordable for your budget and not expensive. 
  • Reserve Space: It's important to know exactly where you want to put your art. Buying art before you know where you will put it will ensure that the canvas art is not cohesive with your walls. Like we discussed above, it's all about harmony, so have the space you need ready first then purchase you canvas wall art. 
  • Size Matters: You read it right...size matters! It's important to know the exact size you want before you start shopping. There are so many sizes available for canvas art so when you have reserved your space, make sure you measure the perfect sized art and then you can go to online art stores to start looking. 
  • Originality: Your art should be original to you! It doesn't have to be an original piece but something that stands out in your home or office. There are so many options for canvas art and paintings so ensure that its originality fits your decor perfectly. 
  • Trust Your Instincts: There are so many online art stores that sell canvas wall art. Sometimes when you see art and paintings you need to go with your gut. If it feels right, then trust yourself and go ahead and buy it even if its not expensive. 

Regardless of your decor, I hope you found these tips to be helpful as you think about purchasing your next canvas wall art piece for your home or office. Reach out to if you need any help.