6 Ways to Incorporate Natural Textures Into Your Home

6 Ways to Incorporate Natural Textures Into Your Home

Oftentimes, modern houses decorated purely with man made materials and with manufactured finishes can feel far too sterile. They lack that bit of innate soul and depth that the outdoors just has in abundance. Natural textures are a wonderful way to overcome that and add character and personality to your decor, and they actually work extremely well when mixed with modern design.

Natural textiles also tend to be more cosy and homely, which is why they feature heavily in design trends such as Hygge and Cosagach that are focussed on creating this kind of welcoming environment. If you feel that your decor could do with a bit more natural inspiration, here are 9 ways to incorporate natural textures into your home.

Canvas Home Decor

Adding natural textures to your interior spaces doesn’t necessarily need to be done with the real thing. Our natural textures range is the perfect way to quickly and simply adorn your home with stunning images of marbles, stones, and metals which will work well in any room in the house.

Natural Fabrics

Fabrics made from naturally occurring fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, or cashmere are a great way to incorporate natural textures into your home. Replace synthetic materials for natural fabrics and you’ll immediately take your soft furnishings game to another level.

Expose Some Brickwork

This works particularly well in older houses where more traditional building materials have been used. Exposing a bit of brickwork will bare the soul and history of your home and instantly create a soft, warm feeling in the space. There’s no need to go over the top, just a single wall or portion of one will create a great effect.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are both versatile and highly impactful and can be used in many different ways across the home. Slate tiles are hard wearing, stylish, and come in a variety of different shades and colors to compliment any decor scheme. Use them for flooring, on the walls in kitchens as backsplashes, and as shower surrounds in bathrooms.

Use Wood

There are so many ways to incorporate wood into your home decor and it’s more than likely that you already have some wooden elements in there. Rustic wooden furniture will really lend your space a homely feel and conjure up images of the outdoors. Wooden flooring looks great in any space whether it’s modern or traditional. Other alternatives include wooden cladding which has become popular recently, or wooden artwork.

Incorporate Some Natural Stone

Natural stone can make a really bold statement when it’s incorporated into your home decor, and will still add texture thanks to its natural patterns whether it’s rough and rustic or smooth and polished. It provides a great focal point when used on walls, and is also an ideal material for flooring. You can also get larger pieces like hand carved stone sinks or stone mosaic artworks which will give the wow factor to whatever space they’re included in.


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6 Ways to Incorporate Natural Textures Into Your Home