6 Reasons to Use a Tripod

6 Reasons to Use a Tripod

A tripod is the most important secret weapon in many photographer’s equipment list and a good quality model should be one of the first investments any serious photographer makes. They can be put to use in any number of different situations, for various completely differing reasons and can quickly help to take your photography to the next level. If you're still wondering why you should be persuaded into getting one, here are 6 reasons to use a tripod.

Night Time Shots

When it comes to producing great night time photography, or any kind of shooting in low light, a tripod is an absolute necessity. In order to capture enough light you’ll have to use a slower shutter speed than normal, but doing this opens up the possibility of blurred images arising from your shaking hands. Using a tripod completely rules out any movement, allowing you to capture crisp pictures even on long exposures.


When you’re taking portraits of people, particularly when there are children involved, it’s important that you engage with your subjects. If you’re stuck behind a bulky camera and unable to look directly at them then this is extremely difficult. Using a tripod and shutter release allows you to make eye contact and speak to them in a more personal manner which will relax them and help provide you with the shot you’re after.

Macro Photography

Macro photography often involves taking close ups of tiny insects or small sections of natural objects like flowers. One of the challenges of macro photography is getting the subject in focus, as at such close range any movement is clearly visible in the end product. A tripod will allow you to cut this down and keep your images sharp.

Time Lapses

Taking multiple shots of the same things over a long period of time, for example a sunset or the stars, can create a stunning series of images or video. However, they’re impossible to do without a solid base for your camera as you need each frame to line up properly for the intended effect. Placing your camera on a tripod makes the perfect foundation and means you don’t even have to man the camera while it’s capturing your stunning time lapse.

To Help With Composition

One trap that photographers often fall into is to take lots of images without properly planning or composing what they’re really seeing through the lens. Using a tripod slows you down and allows you time to get the composition completely as you want it before taking the shot, and then enables you to make minor adjustments if necessary while knowing your camera is still in the same position.


This technique allows you to track a moving subject like a vehicle, runner, or animal while taking shots as it is moving. A tripod is a necessity to get the best shots as it gives you a level of stability that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. You can keep your shots level while still moving the camera relatively quickly to keep up with the moving object. 


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6 Reasons to Use a Tripod