6 Items of Gear that Will Improve Your Photography

6 Items of Gear that Will Improve Your Photography

You enjoy taking snaps, so you’ve bought the fancy new camera, and you’re hoping it’s going to take your photography to the next level. Unfortunately, great photography is about far more than having a bag full of expensive kit. And if you haven’t mastered the basics then you’re never going to take awesome photographs, no matter how good your equipment is. Be careful not to look at your photography gear as a magical fix all.

That said, if you’ve dedicated the time to learn how to use the main functions on your camera, there are a number of accessories that will definitely help you to get better results and set you on the road to taking more impressive images. Check out these 6 items of gera that will improve your photography.


This is one of the most essential pieces of gear for any photographer and can really help when you’re at the beginning of your journey as well. While it’s main function is to keep your camera perfectly still and level, a tripod can also help with everything from composition to more technical aspects. For example, setting a shot up, adjusting the settings, then taking the exact same shot is a great way to understand the visual effects of the changes you make on identical images.

A Good Editing Suite

Actually pressing the shutter is only half of the job. There’s a whole subsequent process of editing your images that can really turn them from good pictures into great works of art. In order to do this you’ll need a decent editing suite, and it doesn’t need to cost you a bucketload of money either as there are good ones available for free.

Remote Shutter Release System

Remote shutter release systems are brilliant to use in combination with a tripod and will allow you to really use it to its full potential as you’re not glued to the display. This means you can interact with the people you’re photographing if you’re taking portraits, and will be able to take super sharp images without worrying about shaking the camera.

External Flash

Most cameras come with an inbuilt flash, but just because it’s there, it doesn’t mean you should use it. Built in flashes tend to give you a harsh light that serves to flatten out the subjects and leave you with substandard images. An external flash is far more versatile and will give you much greater control, they’re also usually a lot stronger so you can light up things further in the distance.

A Camera Bag

You may not think a camera bag could improve your photography, and you’d be right to say it won’t have a direct impact on the images. However, one of the keys to photography is organization, and searching around for accessories may cause you to miss a brilliant opportunity. A good bag will also keep your camera safe from damage.

A Cleaning Kit

Camera equipment, and in particular lenses, quickly get dirty when you use them regularly. There’s nothing worse than taking a great picture only to find out at a later stage it’s ruined by a smudge or speck of dirt. Because of this it’s essential to have a good cleaning kit, and to use it frequently to ensure your camera is always in top condition.


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6 Items of Gear that Will Improve Your Photography