6 Important Life Lessons Sesame Street Teaches Our Kids

6 Important Life Lessons Sesame Street Teaches Our Kids

It’s hard to believe, but Sesame Street and its gang of colorful characters has been on our screens for nearly half a century. In that almost 50 years, it’s been essential viewing for numerous successive generations who have grown up watching it, and has been credited with the development of our kids probably more than you’d imagine. Aside from your ABCs and how to count from one to ten, there are lots of deeper learnings to be taken from this legendary TV show. Here are 6 important life lessons Sesame Street teaches our kids.

How to Share

Sharing can be a tough lesson for some kids to learn, but something that every parent definitely wants to bring their young ones up to learn. This episode featuring the Cookie Monster and Elmo is all about why sharing is a good thing and how it can make everyone involved feel happy.

The World is a Diverse Place

Diversity is a key theme in Sesame Street and the show has constantly tried to push the barriers when it comes to the range of characters they show on screen. They all have different backgrounds, challenges, likes and dislikes, and they all look completely different as well, allowing them to tackle big issues like race and disability.

Learning is Fun

Sesame Street teaches our kids that learning is fun in the best way possible - by making learning fun. Maths, English, and general life lessons are all rolled into encaptivating episodes that your kids won’t even realize are educational.

It’s Good to be Positive

Sesame Street is an overwhelmingly positive place where characters often approach problems head on and come out the other side singing and laughing. If there’s one thing that we all wish for our kids, it’s that they are happy, and teaching them to be positive can be a big step towards achieving that.

The Importance of Friendship

Friends are an important part of all of our lives and this episode features a whole host of the gang singing and talking about the joys of friendship. It emphasises the value of friendship, how easy it can be to make friends if you just make a little effort, and shows the kind of things that friends do for each other.

Always be Yourself

There are so many individuals on  Sesame Street who look, sound, and behave in different ways, and all have their own pronounced characters and features. This actively teaches kids that it’s OK to be different, and even to embrace those differences. After all, it’s that variety that makes life interesting.

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6 Important Life Lessons Sesame Street Teaches Our Kids