6 Decorating Tips for Small Living Rooms

6 Decorating Tips for Small Living Rooms

If you’re looking to make the most of your small living room then check out these 6 decorating tips to help  maximize the space.

Go For Big Canvas Art

Most people think that the smaller the room, the smaller the artwork that you need to go in it. But while it may sound counterintuitive, really big artwork can actually help to open a room up rather than close it down as you might imagine.

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Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors are an interior designer’s secret tool to help make small living rooms look much larger than they really are. The illusion is created by tricking the mind into thinking that the reflection is also part of the space, and a well placed mirror can seemingly add many square feet to your living room.

Place them opposite windows to maximize the amount of light, and hang them on walls that are the focal point of the room to ensure that they draw the eye.

Neutral Shades for Walls

The surest thing to close down a small space is to decorate the walls in heavy, dark colors. They will draw all of the light out of the room and make it look dark and dismal in an instant.

Instead, go for neutral, light shades that will reflect the light and bounce it around the room, at the same time making it feel open and welcoming. Think brilliant whites, magnolias, or really light pastels.

Add Color in Bursts

While it’s a good idea to decorate your walls in neutral shades, you  don’t want a living room completely devoid of color. Clearly your oversized artwork is going to do some of the work in adding character, but another good idea is to add colors in small bursts.

This could be little accessories like cushions or throws, candlesticks or other decorative ornaments, rugs on the floor, or patches of color on items of furniture.

Choose Minimalist Furniture

Big, heavy, solid furniture is going to make your space look even tighter than it is by dominating the landscape of your living room and blocking off space and light.

Instead, opt for minimalist style furniture with sleek lines and a slimline profile. This will allow the maximum amount of light to bounce around it and also by being able to “see through” the furniture, will open the space up.

Light it Up

Lighting is key to making any small space feel bigger than it is. Think bright and airy instead of dark and gloomy. There are various ways to do this, the first being maximizing the natural light coming in by removing any heavy drapes or objects blocking windows.

If you’re still struggling for light then it’s time to think about getting some artificial help. Lamps, candles, spotlights, and even replacing single light fixtures with chandeliers will all help to give your living room a more luminous feel.


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