6 Awesome Baby Room Ideas

When it comes round to decorating your new baby’s room, it should be an exciting activity that you get a lot of enjoyment from doing. But many parents-to-be suddenly get stuck when it comes to inspiration and it can become both a daunting and overwhelming task as the clock ticks down towards the due date.

A few important things to bear in mind are that you don’t need to go overboard, you don’t need to spend a fortune and you don’t need to let it stress you out. With a little bit of imagination and a small amount of effort you can quickly turn your space into a magical room for your baby. Here are 6 awesome baby room ideas to get you started.

Baby Custom Canvas Art

Welcome your child into the world with their very own piece of custom canvas art that is totally unique to them. All of Artzee Designs’ custom baby art can be personalized with their name, date of birth, and birthweight. You can also choose the perfect color, and let our designers know of any extra special touches that you want to include.

Cute Mobiles

Babies spend most of their time on their backs, so having something to look up at that will stimulate them is a great idea. Mobiles are ideal for this and are extremely easily installed on the ceiling above their cot. You can find mobiles with animals, stars, cars, or just about anything you want on, and they’re a super cute way to add some fun to the room.

Variable Lighting

Lighting is important in your baby room to ensure your child gets the best night's sleep possible. Go for lighting that you can alter when required as the last thing you want is to startle your child with a bright light and make it more difficult for them to settle. For that reason, the right night light is an absolute must.

Something Old

Don’t be afraid to recycle things that have belonged to the children of friends or families, they will probably be in great condition and look as good as new. But more than that, it’s nice to have some sentimental items in your baby room. Including something from your own childhood, or something that’s been preloved by people close to you can add a lovely touch.

A Muted Color Scheme

Lots of people suggest that muted color schemes are the most calming for small babies when it comes to decorating their rooms. So rather than the usual baby blues or hot pinks, go for something soft and gentle. Pastels, and particularly greys are extremely trendy right now for nurseries, and they have the added bonus that they’re easy to update as your baby grows without fully redecorating.

Bonding Bench

Baby bonding benches are basically long flat seating areas that are big enough for parents and children to sit, lay down, relax, and play on. They can also double up as changing stations, and some come with handy storage underneath as well. They’re highly practical and, as the name suggests, a great way to bond with your baby. 

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6 Awesome Baby Room Ideas