5 Winter Interior Design Trends You'll Love

5 Winter Interior Design Trends You'll Love

Winter is coming. In fact for many of us it feels as though we’re already in its throes. Short days, long dark nights, and cold weather can get you down. But your home should be the one place guaranteed to cheer you up and make you feel warm even during the coldest spells. If you’re looking for some awesome ways to turn your home into a winter wonderland then check out these 5 interior design trends you’ll love.

Chunky Knit Accessories

When the frost begins to bite, there’s nothing better to keep you toasty in your home than some chunky knit accessories. They work in virtually every room and add an extra layer of comfort and warmth to everywhere you put them.

Chuck a big throw over your sofas and armchairs, switch out your cushion covers for knitted varieties, or even lay down some super soft knitted rugs to make your floors a bit warmer underfoot.

Bright Canvas Art

The darkness that winter brings with it in many places can be tough to bear over the seemingly endless number of months that it lasts for. Often it’s dark when we wake up, and dark when we arrive home from work meaning we rarely get to even see the sun.

But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect idea to brighten up your home to alleviate some of that darkness. Cover it in bright canvas art! Not only will it add a burst of much needed color to your walls, but it’s cost effective and easy to order as well. Simply head over to the extensive Artzee Designs collection and start choosing your favorite pieces.

Scandinavian Accessories

Some parts of the world just know how to cope with the winter. In fact in Scandinavia where the winters are long and harsh, it’s more than just coping. In this part of the world they actually know how to thrive in the bleaker months.

Take a leaf out of the Scandi design book and bag yourself some Scandinavian accessories. Simple, minimalistic, functional, and yet still super stylish and overwhelmingly comfortable, Scandinavian accessories are built for this time of year.


Hygge is a trend that has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Though the word doesn’t have a direct translation into English, it’s used to describe a feeling of comfort, coziness, and contentment that helps to make the winter months that little bit more bearable.

There’s no one way to Hygge-up your home, but the premise is to make it as snug and homely as possible. So crack out the candles, preferably scented ones to bring some sunshine to all of your senses. Add some warm and snuggly accessories that you can really relax with. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or wood burner, make sure it’s roaring.


There’s no better way to add a bit of pizzazz to your soft furnishings than by adding fringes wherever possible. Curtains, throws, cushions, pillows, and even fabric furniture could all benefit from a bit of trim.

It’s easy to put some on yourself if you’re a little bit crafty, but even if not there are plenty of fringed goods on sale at this time of year. 


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5 Winter Interior Design Trends You'll Love