5 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs

5 Ways to Take Better Landscape Photographs

If you feel as though your landscape photography has hit a roadblock, check out these 5 tips to take better landscape images.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is one of, if not the most important factors when it comes to any photography and the same goes for picturing landscapes. However, unlike in other settings, it’s virtually impossible to control the lighting when you’re in the great outdoors.

Because of this, it’s imperative that you learn both to work with what you’ve got, and also maximize your chances of taking awesome photos by capturing them at the right time. The golden hours are ideal for landscape photography, while studying the technical aspects of exposure will enable you to manipulate whatever light there is to your will.

Focus on Composition

When presented with a stunning landscape, it’s easy to get lazy and simply point and shoot without much thought. But as with any image, composition is one of the major components that sets great photos apart from average ones.

Think about what is in front of you and picture in your mind what will make it look best on film before even turning your camera on. Concentrating on things like how much of the sky to include, if any, the position from which you’re taking the picture, and what each element of the image is going to be will help you to achieve good composition.

Pick Out a Specific Subject

We often fall into the trap of thinking about landscape photography simply in terms of sweeping vistas and vast, open scenery. While this is one element of it, it’s also possible to pick out certain details that help to bring out the character of your given landscape.

This could be an interesting rock that is unique to the area, a particularly stunning tree, or a natural feature of the landscape like a waterfall. Whatever it is, supporting the composition with a specific focus can really help to define an image.

Vary Your Angles

One of the biggest disappointments about much landscape photography is that it tends to be very similar. This is particularly true of famous and notable locations, where people tend to take the same image from the same positions and end up with the same results.

Don’t be afraid to be original with your landscape photography and try something new rather than sticking to the old formulas. Simply by varying the angle from which you take an image you can create something that looks and feels entirely unique, even if it’s a subject that’s been pictured a million times.

Research Ahead of Time

As the old adage goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. It’s unlikely that you’re going to get the best images of a landscape by simply turning up on the day and snapping away.

Wherever possible, visit the location ahead of time without your camera equipment to plan where the best places to shoot from are and what you’re going to try and capture. If that’s not practicable then you may be able to do some research online.


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